Morning Laziness: Mets and Walker hit contract snag, Cespedes rents cars, SUPER PROSPECT coming

Good morning.  Here in the post Rubin era, you need links.  So I’m being slightly less lazy than you.   Here on the Morning Laziness I do all the hard work of searching twitter for “Mets” saving you the trouble of doing that.  The benefit is you don’t have to read all the morning Me Too Blogs.

Today’s Morning Laziness:

  1.  Mets and Neil Walker contract talks hit a snag!   They might have been talking about a three year deal, which is weird, because I was told that post-Murphy that second basemen are free, and Dilson Herrera could just play there.  I guess second basemen do get contemporary major league salaries.  At age 31.  With back problems.  Walker has been good but the Mets are friggin’ insane if they sign him for three years right now.  Or you could have kept the guy who finished 2nd in MVP voting.
  2. The Mets have a prospect named Amed Rosario.  He is destined to be the better than Cal Ripken and A-Rod and Honus Wagner rolled into one.  Despite that previous sentence, I am UNDER-hyping him.  He’s even better than all that.  You can read multiple reports about how excited Jose Reyes is on OTHER BLOGS.  But you should hop on board now and be a MAJOR ROSARIO FAN.
  3. Expect Yoenis Cespedes to show up at camp in something other than a normal car, and expect people to tweet pictures of it.

That’s it.  I am going about my day.  You should too.

Local baseball team makes snazzy Caps Graphic so we can keep track of all the damn Mets caps

So, when I finally buy the Mets (and continue to run Mets Police on the side to distract you from all the awful things I do as owner – and we WILL build a hockey arena, and the Islanders are gonna pay for it) this will be the Official Cap Guide.

2018 Home/Away/Road/Alt/Spring Training/Special Event/Holiday/All Star Game/Salute The Troops Mets Cap

But since I haven’t quite yet gotten the Wilpons to accept my $25,000 cash offer yet, we’ll have to stick with their 2017 version.  Nice graphic though.

And somewhere out there one of you Smarty Pantses is wondering why my 2018 Mets don’t have First Responder Caps.  See, I am WAY AHEAD OF YOU.  That’s part of my distraction process.  No caps.  Then Mets Police, still owned by me, makes a big deal about the lack of caps.   Then while you’re all in an uproar about that for a month you won’t notice I let Matt Harvey sign with the 2019 Yankees.

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