Mets Police Morning Laziness: watch out for soccer balls

SLACKISH REACTION:  Looks like the Mets won again.  Here’s Gary and Ron with more.

How does Keith Hernandez never have to work?

Anyway the Red Hot Mets are just 12 back and just 4 games under .500 on July 26th! Here’s Michael Baron with some MATH

As for me, I went to see Tottenham vs Roma at Red Bull Arena and I found myself in the front row! There was no netting! What if a soccer ball had come my way and hit me in the face? Fortunately I was not injured by any soccer balls.

Despite the risk of soccer balls, soccer continues to blow baseball away. Two 45 minute halves played in two hours is so much better than 9 or more innings slogging around at a 3.5+ hour interval.

Here are the highlights in case you missed the game.

Back to baseball…

The Cubs are interested in Rene Rivera. No link because what do you need other than thats sentence? Sure Cubs you can have him.

Why is the main character on the new Star Trek Spock’s adopted sister? Stop with that.

That’s it…just waiting around for trades.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Overslept edition

SLACKISH REACTION: seems we all went to bed. Even the t-shirt guy didn’t stay up. Anyway JDG continues to maximize his trade value (do it!!!) and the Mets won. I’m on a packed Path train so I can’t even look up standings.

The worst of the Mets got his 500th steal

Someone named Flexen is starting Thursday. Wheeler to DL with whatever this new injury thing that only happens to Mets is

That’s all I got for now. I overslept and I’m running late. Must be nice to sleep in at the San Diego Bayfront and its hard to blog from the Path when you can’t lift your arms.

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