OK I’ll play, baseball does not need more teams nor more playoffs

There is some chatter about the attached article today.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Baseball does not need more teams.

Baseball does not need more playoffs.

What baseball does need is 7 inning games.

And the idea that baseball would play fewer than 154 games is a non-starter.  I can’t find the original Keith Olbermann piece that walked this through but….is MLB going to rebate the RSN’s for the games that won’t be played?  What about the salaries of the security guards and vendors and all the other stadium employees?  Are they taking a pay cut?  Keith really walked it thru and it’s a complete non-starter.

And did you see the NLCS games are scheduled for 9pm starts?  Are you kidding me?

Expansion could trigger realignment, longer postseason.

Source: Expansion Could Trigger Realignment, Longer Postseason | BaseballAmerica.com


Is Daniel Murphy a Top 10 Mets player of all time? Maybe he is?

I saw this tweet..

And my initial reactions was…really?

Well let me make a list of the top of my head. I am doing this cold as you read it…and like all things it is subjective.

Don’t worry about how I have them ranked, I am just trying to get to 10.

1. Tom Seaver, after all he is The Franchise.
2. Mike Piazza, HOFer
3. David Wright – leader in all the categories
4. Jose Reyes – can’t stand him but he’s way up there.

OK lets check in with 1986

5. Dwight Gooden, better than Murph
6. Darryl Strawberry, better than Murph
7. Keith Hernandez, if you saw him play you know how great this guy was.
I am going to leave Carter off as the back end of his Mets career wasn’t that strong.

8. Jerry Koosman, forgotten as time goes on.
9. Carlos Beltran, the All Franchise Team CFer.

Hmmm that seems to be it for no-brainers. I could throw a pitcher on here. I could mention Alfonzo.

(Opens up a list of Mets players to see who he forgot)

Hojo? Kingman? Kranepool? Darling? Sid (actually better numbers than Darling although your brain don’t believe it).

So fans…who gets that #10 slot?

Mets Police Morning Laziness: revisionist Justin Turner history

Look I’m all down with killing the Mets about Daniel Murphy, but if you knew that Justin Turner could be this good then you should apply for the GM job in Queens.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I enjoyed a fine day of being outside, some NFL Red Zone and then some night time soccer.  None of that involved the MLB playoffs.

Did you see that the NLCS is scheduled for 9pm starts on Tuesday and Wednesday?  Just wow.

Not much to link about unless you want to read yet another Kevin Long article.

I have decided to hound the Mets twitter account until it stops being useless.

Was Sid Fernandez better than Ron Darling?

Sorry these have been short and empty but things will be quiet in Queens until after the playoffs.

What is the Mets twitter account doing?

I really don’t understand what @Mets is trying to do or be.  They have been pumping out a lot lowest level garbage posts that if the internet charged by the electron you wouldn’t bother doing.

1. Who gives a f***

2.  Who gives a f***?

3. A John Oliver Kewl to this one.

4. And the big go hose yourself…

I mean what is this crap? I poked around some other MLB feeds assuming this was some league-wide thing and it is not. The Blue Jays are doing some lameness but a bunch of other teams are not. (And lets not even get into what the crosstown ALs are posting about.)

What’s even more confusing is the Mets Social Media Guy is smart and way cool and crushed it with his previous employer to HOF Social Media levels – so I have to think that either Jeff is really into dopey memes (seems possible) or someohow The Face When posts are translating into ticket sales.

Please stop.

Just go dark until November and then pick up with actual information. Thanks!

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