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Baseball moves World Series Game 2 start to 7:08pm Eastern!!!

homer watches sports


I recently asked Why don’t MLB and NFL want Americans to sleep? but now it looks like MLB will give us a chance!

Game 2 of the World Series has been moved EARLIER to 7:08pm, because it’s supposed to rain later in the evening.

VERY Interesting.

So what about the poor people of the West Coast, all 19% of them?  Are they expected to somehow follow the World Series via radio or the internet while finishing their jobs?   Won’t all the Cubs fans in Oakland be disappointed?

Hopefully tonight’s game does a huge number.

100 Random Cool Mets Things #19: My friend almost gets thrown out over Ron Gardenhire Movember Mustache of the Day Gardenhire

A million years ago I hit a Mets game with two friends and we had some pretty snazzy field level seats.  We went down to the front, where….

A) we were harassed by some jerky Shea Stadium security guard.  Hey 1980s Shea Security guard – how about you let some kids get some autographs.

B) my friend, again A KID, almost got tossed by jerky security guard (he has a walrus mustache and we referred to him as Officer Walrus for years)

C) all this was because we were chatting up Ron Gardenhire of all people.  We asked Ron to hit a home run for us.  He said he would.  He did not.


Link-> Chief Wahoo earns deserved negative attention thanks to Indians’ success: Mark Naymik |

Cleveland All Star Apple

I’ve been into this discussion lately.

I’ve argued rhetorically that if Sockalexis is really so important to the franchise and is meant to honor Native Americans, why hasn’t the team erected a statue of him beside Bob Feller’s at the entrance to Progressive Field?

Source: Chief Wahoo earns deserved negative attention thanks to Indians’ success: Mark Naymik |

Must Read Kevin Mitchell article!

Hey gang, stop wasting time here on Mets Police and go read The Embattled Bad Boy of Major League Baseball – Narratively about Kevin Mitchell.


Mitchell caught my eye, like many Mets fans, in the spring of 1984.  He was this dude out of nowhere that could hit…and then Davey Johnson started cowboying the defense and playing him at SHORTSTOP (and you guys bitched about Murph, you would have lost your minds at this one).

A really solid player with the Mets who they ran out of time lest he turn Gooden and Strawberry into anything but Model Citizens…who then of course won an MVP.  Sigh.

Anyway, great read, new info on “the cat story” and more.  Do it.

Thanks to Michael Stahl for sending it over here.

Fake New Yankee Stadium getting some upgrades

yankee stadium great hall

Even Yankee fans will openly admit that Citi Field is the better stadium.   If you’ve never been to FNYS, imagine a subway station with a baseball game vaguely nearby.  Or, if you’re in the upper deck imagine a minor league stadium orbiting a subway station.

Anyways, the Yankees are doing some new upgrades, and one I think the Mets should look at is below.  In a world where reconstruction is free, I think the Mets should give up on the idea of anyone wanting to sit in upper deck left field and they should make some sort of cool hangout area up there, kinda like the idea of the Soda Porch (whatever its called now), but without jerky security guards chasing everyone.  Discuss!

BUDWEISER PARTY DECKS: The 300 Level of the Stadium will include Budweiser Party Decks at Sections 311 and 328, featuring shaded stand-alone bar areas serving beer, cocktails and food. Drink-rail and barstool seating will provide fans a relaxed and casual setting from which to enjoy sweeping views of the field and game action.

More details on grades: Yankee Stadium to undergo numerous enhancements for 2017 season

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