Disappoint your wife this Xmas with the Mets hobo bag

Hey Mrs. Mets Police…Merry Christmas…..

And I didn’t make up Hobo Bag, that’s what it’s called.


I like these SHEA decals

On Monday, I left the blog schedule empty because I figured Winter Meetings, the Mets would sign someone anyone, and why waste “generic” content.  Yesterday some stuff came up that I went with and got to save the generics again (woohoo, it is a long winter).

Well today I am not waiting for Sandy to sign some reliever I have never heard of.  Soo…

I was looking at the SHEA decal I have on my car the other day and thinking how much I like it.  You should get one.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Harvey staying!

Now the Mets are keeping Harvey after two days of the beat floating that the Mets might move Harvey.  Not sure what is up with The Beat but they seem to get nothing right these days.

SLACKISH REACTION:  No moves from the Mets.  But honestly no moves from anyone (its early if someone made a move at 1am I apologize).  Other than middle relievers I don’t see that anyone did anything.

Mickey says he will have no set closer which got The Beat and Mets Twitter Elite all excited, but I will remind you that players like stats and stats get you paid.   This plan furthers the chances that good players won’t come here.  I would want to play somewhere where I can rack of 50 saves so I can GET PAID.  Think about this one Mets.

NOT LINKING: saw one Professional suggest the Mets trade Matz “and more” to get Machado.  No real specifics on the “and more” but I will remind you bloggers are stupid and only the pros can make WFAN Trades.

The French people are using “mets” in tweets and Matt Lauer is one of the 10 most Googled people which is screwing up my “Matt Harvey” search and I gotta get to work anyway so thats it for laziness this morning.  It’s not like the Mets did anything anyway.

For all you boycotters, read this.  The last boycott lasted two weeks

Check out the pics of Mike Piazza’s house!

April 2015: The last Mets boycott ends two weeks into the season

Holy cow all of you are so phony. The twitter outrage is insane. (I of course have become The Most Positive Mets Fan on Twitter).

Let me remind you – as 2014 ended you guys were irate.  Boycotts.  We even had Billboards.  BILLBOARDS!!!


Anyway, by April 15th of that same season, nobody was saying BOO about the Wilpons because the Mets got hot.

You’re all committed until the Mets win three games.

Here is a fantastic Daily News Article from 2015 that shows how fake all of you are on twitter today.

But since nobody will bother clicking let me make it easy….

I love that shirt by the way


Shirts. Celebrities. Band wagoners.  Same story every time.  And that was after winning FOUR in a row.

On April 23rd the Mets who are too stupid and cheap to sign people ran out this lineup….(thx Baseball Reference)

Oooooh  Cuddyer, Campbell and Recker….ooooo. Big Spenders.  And yet we were Taking Back New York already!   Nobody said Wilpon just weeks after the Winter Of Boycotts And Billboards.

You also seem to have forgotten the 2015 Mets went to the World Series and you all Showed Up At Citi.  Where were your Wilpon morals then?

And why and how the hell is MLB going to “force” ownership to sell a team that made the playoffs in 2015 and 2016.

Calm the hell down and enjoy the two rookies, the two aces and Yo and hope Conforto comes back soon.


Mike Piazza is selling his house and it is nicer than mine

WOW take a look at Mike Piazza’s house.   We all know that my deck is better than David Wright’s, but Piazza blows me out of the water.  Wow.

It has eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a half-bathroom, library, two-bedroom guest house, Jerusalem stone floor, fireplace with handcrafted marble mantle, full bar with with wine cooler and cigar humidor, home theater, custom-built playhouse, heated pool with spa, and smart home technology features.

via Bizjournals.net and soon to be on Me Too blogs everywhere.

Check out the pics. Wow.

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