Gary Cohen comes thisclose to Sterlinging a Triple


You hear it, don’t you?  Someone wanted to get his catch phrase in so badly that he almost Sterlinged a call. Fortunately Gare was able to resist just in time after a long annnnnnnd. (thanks Nick!)

Gare was able to get the phrase in during the 1st inning



How did Matt Harvey do against the Cubs? Pretty good actually.

These Harvey posts are regularly the most popular thing on the site.  I guess it’s like looking at your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page.  What are you hoping to see here?  Are you hoping that Matt looks hot, or maybe that he put on weight, or maybe you just want to think about that sexy night in Kansas City.  Who knows what you really want, but you’re here, and it’s Harvey Day bitches.

I went in the pool and forgot that home teams pitch first so I was a few minutes late to the game.  Somehow some Cubs guy got on second.

How did he get there?   Let’s face it, neither of us really care.  The important thing is Matt got out of the inning.

OK I am lying, I asked.  It’s like asking if her new boyfriend is a dweeb

Thanks random Cubs fan guy on twitter!

The second didn’t start so well for Rip Tide. He walked the leadoff hitter. Would he start giving up massive bombs?

Nope!  Matt got out of it yet again.   He had to be thinking about the cute waitress at the Waffle House, maybe he can stop by after the game….

…and the Waffle House is open 24 hours!  I hope for Matt’s sake that Jenny is working tonight.

Matt even had his own Heat Towel Squeegee Guy to keep him cool!

What’s even going on?  I have watched a lot of baseball these last 40+ years. I don’t recall seeing a man towel another man’s head.

Anyway then Mrs. Mets Police came out to the deck and started talking.  “Hey I am blogging about Reds pitcher Matt Harvey” is a stupid fight to pick, so there were some hits or walks or something but I did notice the double down the line.

Then more talking and a has batsman.  Could this be it for our hero?  No.  He got the Cubs to ground into a double play!  And yet he looked sad, but at least I got a Featured Image for my blog post.

Jenny at Waffle House is not answering his ‘sup texts.

The 4th was a no-event 1-2-3.

To start the 5th, Matt gave up a lead off hitter to the pitcher!  This left Matt looking focused.

Then my job called me and I got distracted.  I see MH didn’t give up any runs and then when I snapped-to he was batting and promptly bunted into a double play.  Fortunately the Reds TV guys posted this graphic to catch us all up…

And we were into the 6th.  Hey we make a lot of fun of Matt but not too many Mets pitchers get into the 6th, he’d kind of be the Mets 2nd starter right now.  This ain’t a great performance, but it ain’t horrible.

Matt was hitting 97 in the 6th!  The Reds Guys said he hadn’t done that since last May.

Matt was pitching so well that even the advertisers knew what Matt was thinking….

6 innings, 2 runs.  I don’t know if The Dark Knight has Returned but these Havey starts have been a lot better than Vargas Day.  Might Sandy have made a bad call yet again? (Or am I being revisionist because Matt really did need a change of scenery.)

Atta boy Matt.  Text Jenny again, she might just text back.


Harvey Days will not be seen next week as I will be traveling – unless Niko The Intern who is covering for me decides to do it, which would be crazy.  Inspired but crazy.

Piazza Mets jersey to be on display at September 11th Memorial

I think we (we, as if it’s not 99% me, one post a year from Dan, and next week I have a teenage intern running the joint) – I think we covered this before, but like I say, I don’t read Mets Police.  Anyway….

The jersey, which rotates among the Hall of Fame, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and Citi Field, is on loan courtesy of Anthony and Carmela Lauto, Anthony Scaramucci, and Jim McCann.

It will be on display starting June 27 at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in an exhibit entitled “Comeback Season: Sports After 9/11.” The exhibit will run through February of 2019.

The Hall of Fame’s collection also contains the “NYPD” hat worn by Mets manager Bobby Valentine and the “FDNY” hat worn by Mets pitcher John Franco on Sept. 21, 2001, as well as a game ticket to the scheduled Sept. 11 game at Yankee Stadium between the Yankees and the Chicago White Sox and a promotional baseball found in the rubble of the World Trade Center by New York City Fire Department Battalion Chief Vin Mavaro In late September of 2001.

The exhibit at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum will also feature loaned artifacts from the Hall of Fame including Bobby Valentine’s hat and baseballs signed by New York City Fire and Rescue Workers.

The Piazza jersey is scheduled to return to Cooperstown in the summer of 2019.

Learn more here.

Yo these Jurassic Park themed Rumble Ponies caps are sweeeeeeeeeet

These are awesome.  You gotta put them on sale for real.  Someone will put these on sale for real, right?  I may have to trick @mediagoon into driving to Binghamton?  Who am I kidding, he’s already on the Game Used MiLB site bidding $500 on these.

Nice job…bonus points for Jurassic Ballpark.  Well done.

Seriously, someone buy me one.

Time for Mets to end Mr. Met’s potentially dangerous t-shirt gun:  Phanatic’s hot dog injures woman

Mister Met Packin Heat

Hey if we’re going to have netting everywhere, we need to take the threat of t-shirt guns seriously.  Now that one woman has been injured by a hot dog, how can the Mets allow Mr. Met to fire t-shirts into the crowd?  How many people have to be injured by mascots before we take this seriously?

A woman sitting behind home plate at a Philadelphia Phillies game Monday night is recovering from facial injuries she suffered when she was hit by a flying hot dog.  The errant hot dog was wrapped in duct tape (to keep it intact) and launched by the team’s mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, as part of a routine seen at games for years.

Source: Phillie Phanatic’s flying hot dog injures woman

We want you safe because we want you back.  Safety dependent on whether or not we can sponsor the potentially dangerous segment.

Now that the Mets are aware of this potential danger, I call upon them to end this risk to fans much like they took steps to protect fans from foul balls.

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