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Here’s how you can get Mets potential tiebreaker game tickets

 FLUSHING, N.Y., September 27, 2016 – The New York Mets announced today that tickets to a potential 2016 National League tie-breaker game will go on sale this Thursday, September 29 at 2:00 p.m. at Information regarding an exclusive presale for Mets season ticket holders will be communicated via email to Mets Season/Plan Holders shortly.
 Should the Mets finish tied with a team for the 2nd Wild Card spot or there is a 3-way tie, tie-breaker game(s) will be played for the right to advance to the Wild Card round. All game sites, dates and times are subject to MLB tie-breaker rules and scheduling. Potential tie-breaker game(s) at Citi Field would be played either Monday, October 3 or Tuesday, October 4 (time TBD).
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Link: The Man Who Loved the Game « Faith and Fear in Flushing


I didn’t get to watch any of the Mets game last night.  That has nothing to do with my recent “Mets games are boring” take, I actually taped the game and plan to watch the beginning tonight.  Sometimes even the Mets Police have to work.

Anyway, I refer you to the best of the blogs (non-uniform division) for some quality reading about last night’s game.

Read This:  The Man Who Loved the Game « Faith and Fear in Flushing

Movie + Video Games > 3:47 of 2016 Mets baseball



Boy did I make the right call last night.

I was starting to circle around the TeeVee, when Junior said, “Hey do you wanna watch the movie?”

I almost reflexively said no, then thought about how I’d spent most nights this week wishing these horrible 4 hour baseball games would end.  I thought about my guilt of skipping a Pennant Race game, but decided to go for the movie.

We watched Civil War (much like the Mets, a bit of a mess and the best part is a kid from Queens) and then I checked in on the score.  I caught the part where the game was going from 10-0 to 10-4 or whatever it was that allowed you guys to pretend they were going to come back.

I’m so glad I didn’t waste my time on that.

Then off to some video games (the wonderful mindlessness of No Man’s Sky).  I see the Mets “almost came back” to lose 10-8.

Today the Mets take a 7th row behind all kinds of things like Outdoor Actvities and even the NFL if I get 5 minutes.  Tomorrow, the debate is more interesting.

The Mets’ product might be 4th best in the NL, and it might be the best they can do right now, but it’s just a TV show and there are better things to do with my limited time right now.  I can’t spend four hours watching Ty Kelly play baseball.


What I learned: next time trade young pitching for bats

mets sports illustrated

Baseball changes.

There was a time when you could win an MVP going .300 30 and 100

There was a time you could have a four man rotation and strike out 300 guys.

There was a time where stockpiling young pitchers made sense.

Times change.

As I think about the present Mets dynasty, I can’t help think about Generation K.

I’m starting to think the move is to deal young studs for bats. Pitchers break. Bats are a little more reliable.

The last two Mets aces have been Colon and Dickey. Right now the Mets are winning with Lugo and the Gazelle Man and Generation H is nowhere to be found.

Maybe the next time someone comes up and is the next Seaver or the next whoever it makes sense to make a deal. Sell high?

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