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MHN: Matt Harvey attends Knicks game…with Jeff Wilpon!


Good morning from the Nation’s Capital. The Matt Harvey News Team has learned that Matt Harvey attended a Knicks game with Mets COO Jeff Wilpon last night. There are no details yet about what they spoke about or if they shared their french fries.  More on MHN as this story develops…


Mookiee Podcast 55: Galactic Politics and Special Editions (and baseball cards)

Well Mets fans, not so much Mets to talk about this week since the only thing happening in Queens is fans debating Jay Bruce, which we did last week.  We did learn that Jason is crazy when it comes to his Mets baseball cards collection.  On the other hand, we talked politics….and maybe I made some subtle commentary on things not so long ago or far away.  Enjoy.

00:00 Queens Baseball Convention preview
02:45 Back in the day updates (lack there of)
05:30 Oh yeah the Queens Baseball Convention

06:30 The elite political power families of the galaxy
16:00 Lucasfilm has no plans to CGI Carrie Fisher
18:00 20 Years since the Special Editions
30:00 Remember Phantom Menace 3-D?
33:00 Rebels Check In

35:30 Jason is crazy when it comes to baseball cards

44:00 Oh yeah forgot to mention the guy who collected 10,000 items

48:20 All the Mets stuff Shannon doesn’t have space for

The State of the Mets Panel with Rubin, McCarthy & Cerrone looks really cool

Here’s another one of those, “Hey, didn’t he post this the other day?” posts.  Yeah. The original version got lost in the technobabble time loop fix I had to do.


The Queens Baseball Convention is coming up a week from Saturday (on January 28th) and….

Mark Healey will be hosting a new “State Of The Mets” panel this year, made up of a diverse group of folks who cover the Mets: Adam Rubin (ESPN-NY), Pete McCarthy (WOR 710), Matt Cerrone ( and a special celebrity guest!

That’s a pretty solid lineup.  Should be really cool.  Tickets are on sale now, you should come.

HOFer Tim Raines grand slams Orosco & 1987 Mets with Vin Scully on the mike – you’ll watch

1987 Mets. Vin Scully.  HOFer Tim Raines.  Shea.  Kevin McReynolds.  You’ll watch. Watch it before MLB takes it down in anticipation of the Tim Raines Random At Bats Against The Mets blu-ray box set.

It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you
There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I met Tim Raines down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

I’m happy for Tim Raines who clearly has been a Hall of Famer although it took his outstanding 2016 Season to push his numbers over the top and get the clueless writers to finally vote for him.  Stupid system.

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