Pace of Games: Spring Training games move along nice and quickly

Watching these Spring Training games – the game doesn’t drag the way the regular season games do.  Some thoughts:

  • guys just get up there and swing.  Game 162 of the regular season often gets played in two hours and one minute.  It’s all this work the count stuff that makes the game drag….and working counts leads to….
  • Pitcher changes.  In the spring, you don’t really see mid-inning pitching changes.  Not sure what we can do about this in-season.

Anyone got any ideas?

One idea I have is what I used to do with my younger Little Leaguers which was GIGANTIC STRIKE ZONE.  In practice I would try and break them of the habit of standing there for an hour waiting for the perfect pitch (I am the anti-Alderson).  I’m talking like fourth graders so don’t get on my case about teaching bad habits.  You don’t need to work the count against St. Mary’s Church 4th grade team that is gonna just steal two bases as soon as they walk.

I’m also increasingly into THREE SWINGS.  Yes that’s a major change, but so was having a fat guy bat for the pitcher every time.  Maybe this would speed up the game, lower pitch counts, increase Ks (you guys like Ks) and maybe even bring the CG back.  I kind of like this idea.

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Mets Sunday Morning Laziness: Keith went too dark, the Mets uniforms suck, mustaches, and some hockey talk

Good morning.  The Mets Morning Laziness is here to let you know what’s happening in Metstropolis in a post-Rubin world.

I watched the first inning of the game yesterday.  Keith went too dark with the Just For Men.  Needs some professional tinkering.

The spring jerseys look terrible.  So much clutter.  The big giant FL patch is bad.  The white lettering looks terrible on the back, it looks like a homemade knockoff jersey.  The caps with the FL look dumb too. Why is MLB marketing this FL nonsense?   All around bad look.

David Wright wore a “legal” t-shirt.  I figured Dave would sneak in an orange undershirt but he had on a grey one.  I do need to refresh my rulebook knowledge and read the 2017 rules and CBA.  Maybe today.  (If you’re new, all players must wear a matching undershirt, and David had violated this in the past although not at all in 2016.)

The TV guys laid a lot of groundwork for Wright not being ready for Opening Day.  On the telecast GKR who know a lot more about baseball than I do suggested it would be hard to imagine DW being easy for Opening Day.  Search your feelings you know it to be true.

Heard Howie float a Murphy’s Legs Thing I’d Never Heard.  Howie talked about the Mets not re-signing Murph and mentioned that there was a concern that his legs wouldn’t hold up long term.  Howie also knows more about baseball than I do but I’d never ever heard that.  I thought it was because he can’t field, runs bases poorly and that Dilson Herrera is going to play second.  Not sure where this theory came from.

The levels on the MLB App still suck.   Nobody is ever going to fix this are they.  If you’re with WOR, it’s all the imaging comes on too loud.  I even heard a promo for Todd and Len, and the music was drowning out Len to the point you couldn’t hear him.  Maybe somebody at iHeart could listen to one inning every three years and you guys should be catching this crap in a second.  Completely unacceptable year after year.  And METS we both know you read the blog – can’t one of you send a note to WOR asking them what the cranky blogger is harping on, and ask them to listen.   This is several years now, it’s not that hard to fix.

Lucas Duda’s back acting up.  As I have said for two years now, if anyone ever offers you $30,000,000 take it.

Just saw a tweet from a MSM source that says Mets Insider: Wright gets standing ovation….  You’re really gonna need more than that to be an Insider.  I can do that level reporting from a phone while coaching soccer.

The Mets SPs have mustaches.


Hockey Section

I hit the Devils game with some of the Elite Bloggers and T-Shirt Moguls.  The Devils have taken all the fun out of their building, as they continue to attempt to stop fans from doing the You Suck chant after goals.  Even when a particularly drunk fan got an Organic Fan Chant to the old Rock & Roll started, the Devils blared music and killed it off.

I also miss the Kill (the penalty) guys.  The particularly dunk fan tells me that they left after zuzuvellas were banned from the arena.

So now we just listen to AC/DC 5 times a game and can’t celebrate the goals.  For $100 a ticket.  No thanks.

Meanwhile, on today’s Uni Watch, @philhecken and I discuss The Fisherman Jersey at length….and I defend the fisherman.


And that’s your morning laziness.  Time to head to the bagel store and go about your day.


Link: Mets announcer talks career, 2017 season at Ridgefield Library – NewsTimes

“Baseball is really one of the great soap operas,” Cohen said. “It’s an ongoing saga that fills in the plot a little bit every day, but also refers back to what happened yesterday and last week and last month and last year and five years ago and 20 years ago and even 100 years ago. And all of that is a tapestry that allows you to fill in the little pieces along the way.”

Source: Mets announcer talks career, 2017 season at Ridgefield Library – NewsTimes

Mets Morning Laziness Saturday: Wright will DH today, Mets SPs take dinner picture

The Morning Laziness waits for noone.  Except me.  It waits for me.  I like to sleep in on weekends.   Anyway, in a post Rubin world you need someone to search twitter for Mets News, and that person is me.

David Wright will DH Today!  Expect massive over-analysis about how he looks.

Daniel Murphy also expected to play in this game!

The Game is on TV on SNY I think (the original schedule I had had this listed as channel 11. DVR says SNY)  Streaming doesn’t start until the regular season.

People seem confused to learn the park in PSL is now called First Data Field, named after the first officer in some parallel universe episodes of Star Trek: TNG.  Naming rights folks.

Not sure who tweeted this first but this happened. Looks a little Last Supper-ish.

And that’s it. Go enjoy the warm weather and don’t bother with reading blogs about the Mets.

Upcoming broadcasts:

Today – SNY or WOR 1pm

Sunday 2/26 – Ch11 (originally listed as SNY)  or WOR 1pm

Monday 2/27 – SNY 1pm

Tuesday 2/28 WOR 1pm

Wed 3/1 WOR 1pm

Thr 3/2 SNY 1pm

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