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Shoulders ruin Mets On Field jacket

Got a marketing email encouraging me to check out the new “On Field” jacket.  I’m not sure if that means “just like what Terry Collins wears” or if it is marketing-speak.  Regardless, it’s almost nice except they made it to busy at the shoulders and now you have to walk around like George Jetson.  Pass.

mets 2016 on field jacket

If Jay Bruce heats up it could really help the Mets in the playoffs! (Your blog sucks)

jay bruce mets

I’m calling time out on everyone with a Mets themed blog, Mets related twitter account, the actual Mets and/or a newspaper.

There’s way too much stupid useless Me Too Content out there.  I know we all like our page views, retweets and Facebook likes, but we really need to try harder.  Like try.  Just a little.  Have an original thought.

The latest version of this is “If Jay Bruce heats up it could really help the Mets in the playoffs.”

Gee, thanks Captain Obvious.

So what you are taking the time to share with Mets fans is that if a guy who averages 31 and 94 could find that kind of form in the playoffs, that he could really help the Mets.  Really?  Great article/tweet/post.

In the same category is “Where would the Mets be without Gsellman and Lugo?”  Do you really think there is anyone who actually follows the Mets who doesn’t know that the pitching plan wasn’t the Gazelle and Lugo?

Next will be articles about how tough a draw it will be to pitch against Bumgarner and how the Wild Card game is a big start for Thor or how Thor can make a statement or something.  YA THINK?

Please try harder.  My blog might suck, it might have dopey content, but at least we’re trying to be different.

Now here’s my series preview and how the Mets really need to win some games in Philly this weekend….



The worst Mets losses of all time

I was listening to a podcast that started talking about the worst sports losses of all time, and it got me thinking about the Mets version.  Here are some that come to mind, and remember my Mets watching starts in 1977 so if you guys want to talk about the 1973 World Series or something you are welcome to join in on the discussion.  There is no right or wrong but here’s my list.


Terry Pendleton.  September 11th was etched in my brain before 2001…this one was 1987, I was there and it was THE WORST.  You know it’s memorable when I can just say Terry Pendleton.

The rest of these are in no particular order.  Scioscia.  Again, all I have to do is say Scioscia and if you were alive you know what I mean. I was there. You kids should look up 1988.

Glavine.  I’m glad he wasn’t devastated.  I was.

Yankees win the World Series AT SHEA.  Kill us.

Last Game At Shea.  The loss was bad enough, but the Mets making us sit there for half an hour before the ceremony when all we wanted to do was leave, except for the pesky ceremony…..awful.  I was there for that one too.


These are the Mets, I’m sure there are lots and lots of other horrible losses.  What else did I forget?

The Mets All-Century Team

piazza_hof_lg mets t-shirtDaniel Murphy 2014 All Star Game

cespedes 2016

Well as 2016 comes to a close, it is obviously time to name the Mets All-Century Team for the 21st century.  Even though reasonable people know there was no year zero and thus the 21st century began in 2001, I will include 2000 so we don’t have to get into minutia.

C-  Mike Piazza

1B – Carlos Delgado

2B – Daniel Murphy.  Alfonzo a consideration, especially because I was nice and included his All Star year in 2000, but .243 in 2001 and spent 2002 at third

SS – Jose Reyes

3B – David Wright

LF – Yoenis Cespedes

CF – Carlos Beltran

RF – Curtis Granderson

Pitchers – Al Leiter (65 wins), Tom Glavine (61) and saves leader Armando Benitez

Manager – Terry Collins.  Most wins.  Playoffs.

Link and comment : Some Thoughts From the Last Few Days

mets black ball logo

I’m actually watching the first inning of last night’s game – Mrs MP just yelled down during the so so sad Take Me Out To The Ballgame “isn’t that powerful” and yeah holy cow the tone of the horn is so sad I’m teary now.

Anyways, while I get the dust from my eye, here’s some wise words from our old pal @mediagoon, and I’ll catch up on the live game soon (since it will probably be 4 hours anyway).

I do have some issues with folks making fun of a tragedy like this. I know you didn’t know him personally and he is just another “athlete” to a lot of you but he was a person. He was a fellow human with a family, friends, teammates, and a child now on the way into this world without a father. So yeah real funny. I hope nothing serious happens to you and your family and friends have to deal with people making jokes at your expense.

Source: Some Thoughts From the Last Few Days

Here’s how you can get Mets potential tiebreaker game tickets

 FLUSHING, N.Y., September 27, 2016 – The New York Mets announced today that tickets to a potential 2016 National League tie-breaker game will go on sale this Thursday, September 29 at 2:00 p.m. at Information regarding an exclusive presale for Mets season ticket holders will be communicated via email to Mets Season/Plan Holders shortly.
 Should the Mets finish tied with a team for the 2nd Wild Card spot or there is a 3-way tie, tie-breaker game(s) will be played for the right to advance to the Wild Card round. All game sites, dates and times are subject to MLB tie-breaker rules and scheduling. Potential tie-breaker game(s) at Citi Field would be played either Monday, October 3 or Tuesday, October 4 (time TBD).
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