How did Matt Harvey do today against the Rockies?

Today was Harvey Day in Colorado!  TDK looking pretty snazzy in his camo.

TDK gave up two HRs in the 1st

Including this bomb

TDK hung around for a while.  His final line, not so impressive.


Introducing the Mickey Callaway Watch Watch Watch

Remain calm…let me walk you newbies through how Watch Watches work….

I told you to remain calm.  Give me a second here.

I have been doing this a long time.  I know how the snakes in the media work.  As we saw with Matt Harvey and as best explained by Bruce Springsteen – first they make you king, then they make you pope and then they bring the rope.  More on that below, but first let me catch up the new readers.

A MICKEY WATCH would be all out disaster.  He’s in the final year of his contract, the team is 25 games out and Noah Syndergaard is openly fighting with him.  The sharks are swimming and it’s just a matter of time.  This is not at all that.  There is no Mickey Watch.

A MICKEY WATCH WATCH is when I start to watch what others are saying about a potential Mickey Watch.  This is when you pick up the Post and read that “if the Mets don’t something something then maybe the Mets change the manager.”    If you need an example to get it, here’s an old Terry Watch Watch.

I am declaring a MICKEY WATCH WATCH.

What’s that?

I think that we are getting close to one of the newspapers breaking ranks and doing what the snakes do.  The same guys that were writing Hodges articles in February could very well start stirring it up this week.  (Give me credit, I have been stirring it up since February and the Hodges articles).

Today has the potential to go sideways.  A doubleheader could be a disaster.  It’s not too hard to imagine some Tuesday back pages coming at The Mick.

Add to that that twice this week Mickey has verbally eye-rolled the GM.  There was that comment about Reyes being the best option. Then add on yesterday’s comment about not having anyone to pitch Monday so screw it Vargas stays in the rotation.  I don’t suppose Sandy the Marine is gonna like that sort of behavior.

Throw that in the blender, add in the Mets’ tendency to work through their in-pocket writers, and yeah I could see a little message being sent to The Mick via the Daily News, can’t you?  I’m on watch for the Mickey Watch Watch.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Vargas Day goes even worse than expected

Today marks two years since David Wright last played for the Mets.

Happy Harvey Day! Matt takes on the Rockies at 3pm!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Vargas day, on the other hand, went as Vargas Day usually does. Mickey Hodges pitching guru’s Mets gave up X runs in a loss.  Some sadist scheduled an 8am soccer game in Pennsylvania so I was up at 5 and ran out the door.   Yuck.

Gary Sterling is content to make the HOF by mailing in the last part of his career.  Here he is being lazy with to the track, to the wall  its outta here – which really is the same thing as It is High, It is Far, It is Gone.  At least this time we got some slight tweaks in the exact wordage.

I know we’ve all been brainwashed to think GKR can do no wrong, but Gary is getting lazy and the Gary/Ron booth is boring.  I know this is an extremely unpopular opinion, but so was Murph was Good and so was Harvey Is Not The Next Seaver.  Give it time, as I keep posting these you will come to admit maybe I am right.

The Mets wore these.  Yawn.

The Rumble Ponies decided Rumble Ponies wasn’t stupid enough so they played as the Spiedies.

If you’re new, from time to time I explain why this is the Morning Laziness and what it’s for.  Adam Rubin used to do a wonderful Morning Briefing and when that went away I started hunting for stuff on my own in the morning and thought I would compile it.  Unlike the MB, mine is to give you stuff not to read in a section I call NOT LINKING.  For example, there’s an an entire article about how it’s the two year anniversary of Wright playing.   What else do you need?  Nothing.  So I just tell you, you get to be lazy and I save us both time.   Most of what I don’t link to is from two blogs in particular that both have like 50 writers and they write Game Previews and such.  They are collectively known as The Amazin’ Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report, or the AIMBR most mornings.  One of those blogs even calls their thing “Morning Briefing” because why even try to be different?      Also in today’s NOT LINKING is a whole Tebow propaganda piece.  Do you care?  No you don’t.  Just don’t read it.

Anyway, I’m up at 5 which is like those days you head to the airport.  MP has learned that at this time of year the sun is up already, so it’s not that brutal.   But I feel like everyone else in the world is sleeping in and hit the beach yesterday and I’m just logging miles in Dad’s Taxi.

Normally the Morning Laziness goes out as soon as I finish it, it’s so early this morning that I actually scheduled this one to go up later.  Very strange.

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