Mets Morning Laziness: so where does the money for the Memorial Day caps go?

Slackish Reaction:  There was no game.   Pay attention.  And there was no news, aka The Rubin Effect.  (Adam would have hustled and found a story.) The rest of these guys put their feet up and took a lazy Monday.  Tonight the Mets try to maintain their one game lead in the loss column over the last place Braves.

Terry thinks Cespedes is gonna play tonight.  On a wet field. You’re either wrong or reckless Terry.

This is interesting….hope the MSM can find a storyline.


I’m looking forward to this one which could be massively entertaining if you are the sort of fellow who thinks the Mets should have kept Colon and gets annoyed when people say things like Next Seaver.



I continue my offer that I will happily share with my readers any information about what cause or causes are supported by Memorial Day caps and jerseys . I’d like to see a breakdown as I am sure this is for a good cause.   Also, here’s some words on what Memorial Day is and isn’t.  It ISN’T Be Vaguely Patriotic Day.


As for what we’re supporting, other than America F*ck Yeah, the press release says…

MLB will again donate its licensed uniform royalties that are connected to charitable initiatives. Proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen (Mother’s Day), Prostate Cancer Foundation (Father’s Day), Stand Up To Cancer (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day), and MLB Charities (Memorial Day and Independence Day) – used to support programs for military veterans and their families.

OK cool so I googled MLB Charities and found their info page

About Major League Baseball Charities

Major League Baseball Charities is a not-for-profit corporation that provides support to local, national and international tax- exempt organizations to directly conduct or sponsor activities for the promotion of good health, physical education, public safety, medical research, literacy, educational or charitable purposes.

In addition to supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), the Official Charity of Major League Baseball, MLB Charities provides support to a number of other national charitable initiatives, including the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), the National Urban League and the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball pays all administrative expenses for MLB Charities.

OK all those sound like great causes….but where’s the part about military veterans and their families?   Mother’s Day goes to Komen, got it.  Father’s Day goes to a Prostate Cancer foundation, got it.

What’s the connection between Vauguely Patriotic Day Remembering Those Who Died In Service and these caps?  I’m sure some good is being done here by MLB Charities, I’d just like to learn more about it so I can share it with the readers.  Take credit MLB, MLB Charities and New Era…you’re helping the families of veterans, let’s tell the world how!


That’s all. Quiet morning, unless you wanna read nonsense about brining up Rosario and Smith.


Hey you didn’t tell me the Mets Memorial Day cap has 5 stars on it

Before we begin, a reminder…..

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of those who died in service of the United States of America.  It is not Veterans Day.  It is not Support Our Troops.  It is not Vaguely America Rocks Day,  It is a day to remember those who died in service.

That’s a little different than the official description of the cap.

Show off your patriotism and fandom for the New York Mets at the same time when you get this Memorial Day 59FIFTY hat from New Era. The commemorative graphics show off your hardcore loyalty for the New York Mets and the armed forces.

Well yeah, no.  The day is not about showing off MY patriotism, it’s about remembering those who GAVE THEIR LIVES.

So with that being said and likely ignored….you guys didn’t tell me that the Memorial Day caps have 5 stars on them for some reason.

Also if anyone, ANYONE, has specific details about where the money for these caps goes I will be happy to post it to further educate my audience on the great cause(s) these caps help fund.

Mets Morning Laziness: Met Sounds….like they are 5.5 out

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Mets are three games under .500, got swept by the Nats, and it’s an off-day at home.  Could be an exciting day in Queens.

Today is the kind of day Rubin would be hustling and finding stories.  I wonder how quiet it will be without him.  I suspect very.

MET SOUNDS People are very upset that I swore off WOR.  I can tell you that the Nationals feed (via the MLB App) had nice clean audio and excellent commercial levels.  Nice experience.  I look forward to listening to more opponent broadcasts while you guys put up with WAHwah noise (radio) and bad commercial levels (app)  Hashtag #FixWOR

Again for those who tell me I am wrong, I guess I faked this audio AND hacked this guy’s account.  This comes from WITHIN WOR guys.  Listen at the 6 second mark and you will hear the metallic WAHwah WAHwah.

Anyway, I no longer care. I just listen to the opponent’s broadcast. This only came up last night because people get mad that i do.


WOULDN’T IT BE NICE had we signed Murphy?  Then we wouldn’t have to watch him hit those bombs.  Anyway, it’s not like the Mets are paying Walker MORE than Murph would have cost because the Mets have Dilson Herrera at second.


Jose Reyes is thinking that YOU STILL BELIEVE IN ME.  Jose’s average is UP to .104 now because the law of averages shows its harder to hit under .100 than over .400.  Anyway I KNOW THERE’S AN ANSWER but Jose won’t like it.

I JUST WASN’T MADE FOR THESE TIMES: it’s well discussed, but I don’t think any humans like Sunday Night Baseball.  Are there Mariners fans in the Pacific Time Zone who are like – oh cool a 5pm Mets-Nationals game?  Anyway, I refuse to give my life to this crap, so I watched and listened as it suited my needs and went to bed,


The Australian Football League tried Sunday Nights and….

While you wait 5 more hours on this beautiful Sunday afternoon for the fame to start, enjoy this.

Part of that plan brought about the immensely unpopular Sunday night fixtures, an idea so unbelievably flawed it’s staggering to think not one person at AFL headquarters was able to stand up and put a stop to the madness.But the madness ensued, and the public voted with their feet and their Tweets. The big ticket matches in Melbourne drew disappointing crowds, and although the TV numbers stayed high, the AFL smartly scratched the idea. The kids have to go to school the next day, after all.

Source: AFL strikes gold with Thursday night football after years of fixturing mis-steps – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Mets Morning Laziness: you didn’t notice the Mets are 4.5 out

Slackish Reaction: well I missed the first five innings and didn’t miss any hits.  Then I saw some uninspired baseball.  And I saw Jose Reyes make an out.  Anyway the 4th place Mets are 2 games under .500 and already 4.5 back which nobody has noticed.  I may have to start breaking out The Math soon.  The Mets say the place was sold out on Saturday.

Sounds to me like Cespedes will be out a while but nobody can admit it because Mets.  Read the Terry stuff in that link.  Do the Mets know about this new 10 Day DL?

Reyes Watch Watch:  The Post says he has lost his smile.  WHAT? That was all he had left!  Jose is 6 for 70.  He will need to go 24 for 30 (a weeklong streak of batting .800) to get back to .300.   He also needs to go 14 for 30 to get to TWO HUNDRED.

Even more proof that WAR is a stupid “stat”:  Jose Reyes’ WAR is -0.7?  He’s only .7 games worse than me imagining an average minor leaguer playing?   I really can imagine a minor leaguer getting a hit twice a week, I really can.

Sunday Night Baseball!  Woohoo, who doesn’t love a late start and ESPN’s announcing crew.  I’m thinking about just taking most of this one off.  I have soccer and like to go to bed early on Sunday.  Hopefully the people in Los Angeles will like the match-up more than the people in those two taller cones on the right.  I DON’T GET IT.

Other than that, seems quiet-isa in Queens.  I didn’t hear anyone complaining about long Gnome lines so that’s good.  Enjoy the sunny Sunday without baseball and choose your poison tonight between ESPN, metallic audio on WOR, horrible audio levels on the MLB APP WOR feed or I guess the Nationals feed.  Wonderful.

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