Mets Morning Laziness: all sorts of things that COULD happen on Harvey Day

Good morning Mets fans.  As well discussed, not much happening with this team at all.  Probably the most boring spring since 1979.

Are you guys watching these games?  I have been super-busy and haven’t gotten eyes or ears on an inning in about 10 days, and today will be no different.

UPDATE:  Just in at 9:37am – Matz has elbow tenderness and won’t pitch Monday.  Mets say its fine because thats what the Mets do.  Congrats Seth Lugo and Gsellman on making the rotation.  Developing…

Today is Harvey Day!  Do we still do that?  I have a soccer game so I will need you guys to No Spin Zone me and tell me how The Dark Knight Does.

Juan Lagares has a strained oblique!  See how OF problems get solved?  One of the Amazing Apple Insider Blogs suggests Brandon Nimmo COULD be the 5th OFer.  I hate posts with COULD.  You know who else COULD be the 5th OFer, unsigned free agent Donald Trump.  COULD POSSIBLY be the 5th OFer.  Not linking.  Same site actually has three Could posts in the google news search today.

Speaking of could – I saw some noise that because of the Lagares injury we COULD see Jose Reyes in CF soon.  But not today, he is at 3B which makes sense since he is the every day 3B for 2017.

Over at Fox Business, they tell us how the Mets keep fans coming to the ballpark with a combination of fun, food amenities and good baseball – unlike those other teams whose plan is to kick fans in the nuts, lose 100 games and have broken seats.  Thanks for the insight Fox Business!

In non-terrible blogging, I encourage you to read Jason Fry on Dallas Green.

TV/Radio:  Harvey Day on WPIX


Mets Morning Laziness: the Narrative is to turn on D’Arnaud, don’t do it

Good morning!

I got home at 10:40 last night and I remembered, oh yeah Soccer is growing the sport by having the USMNT play at 10:30, I will put it on. So I put it on and hey were still playing the anthems. That game kicked off around 11pm, I think, because I had fallen asleep on the couch. At some point the TV woke me up and I think it was 6-0? Is that possible? I could check but that makes for less fun blogging.

Anyway on to the Mets!

#TheNarrative which you will all follow is that D’Arnaud is the worst and the Mets are going to lose 130 games unless someone can genetically sample Mike Piazza’s DNA and add in some better defense. We are doomed! I am not linking.

….so Rivera will catch Noah on Opening Day.  That’s it.  You don’t need to spend two bucks on a newspaper (has no idea how much a newspaper costs, haven’t bought one this decade) to read what is one sentence worth of news.  A pitcher and catcher working better together than a pitcher and a different catcher work together is a thing that has been in baseball for a century.   We don’t need Mike Lupica writing 5000 words on it.  Not linking.

I’m also not linking to the article someone wrote about Terry not having decided on the lineup.  Seriously?  Have you watched Terry Collins baseball?  Has he started the same 8 in the same places two days in a row ever?  Not linking.

People are still losing their minds that I said I might not go to Opening Day. Here, listen to the podcast where I talked about that more with Jason. I have been to all but two since before you were born son (like all but two since 1983) so don’t come calling me on my Mets Bonafides because you have a t-shirt.  How come Jason doesn’t has to go Opening Day and nobody yells at him?  Anyway, good podcast this week. The Opening Day stuff is at 47:40

So when are the Mets trying Jose Reyes in CF?


Today: someone named R.A. Dickey pitches for the Braves at 1pm but you’ll have to watch Braves coverage on MLB.TV or listen to Braves coverage on the MLB app.

Tomorrow:  Harvey Day is on TV!  WPIX.  I have a soccer game.

And that’s all I have for you because MLB Advanced Media is so advanced they don’t have this info for Monday on the desktop, and my phone is installing a new iOS for some reason so I can’t access the app.

Come back Adam Rubin!

Mookiee Podcast 63: In the Year 2035 no Bonilla Contract and more Star Wars!

This week on your favorite podcast about the Mets and Star Wars, we get not one but TWO Jason semi-rants (woo-hoo)as we discuss the idea of another 15 years of Star Wars movies, some Spoilers Spoilers about a movie that comes out in 2018, Dallas Green, and why maybe Shannon might skip Opening Day. A good one.  Subscribe via iTunes will ya?


01:00 We are getting an additional 15 years of Star Wars movies!

08:00 A Woody Harrelson related spoiler
10:00 A spoiler about the 2018 Star Wars Movie

17:00 Rebels recap
23:00 Star Wars News of the Week! (Jason Rant #1!)

25:00 Captain Obvious Mets reporting post Rubin
32:00 The post-Golden Age of Blogging
35:00 Dallas Green
40:30 Generation K and young pitching (Jason Rant #2!)
47:30 Shannon isn’t sure if he wants to go to Opening Day

Mets Morning Laziness: Mainstream Media discovers Gsellman, Reyes could steal bases!

Good morning!

Well, the Mainstream Media has discovered Gsellman and are writing articles about how he is going to be the 5th starter.  YOU THINK?  Like seriously, YOU THINK?   Lugo has been off in a dopey tournament, Colon is in Atlanta, Wheeler has been out forever and has like a 39 innings cap*.  Who the hell did you think was the 5th starter?  No, like seriously, who did you think was the 5th starter? Thanks newspaper guy.

(* actual inning cap may be exaggerated low)

Wait until newspaper guys find out Jose Reyes is the 3B.   They did however find out that Reyes Could Be A Stolen Bases Threat.  I am not linking to that either.

This lame obvious space filling stuff drives me nuts.  It adds nothing.



New food at Citi Field.  

Tim Tebow’s Fireflies have a cool giveaway having nothing to do with Tim.



Today: 1pm vs Astros SNY

Saturday: 1pm at Braves, use the MLB for Braves radio


And that’s it.  Nothing happening this spring.  The 5 starters and 8 positions were all decided last November whether the remaining beat knew it or not….so unless bullpen spots excite you, this is a spring of no news – but as we know in Queens, no news is good news.

Reader mail: what do I think of this Mets Budweiser can?

Well Peter, thanks for asking.

I don’t feel strongly about it. I don’t love the design, but I do appreciate that they tried to do something more interesting than slapping an NY on there.

I never really understood collector cans, or if people choose their beer because their favorite team is on the container, but if this is something you’d like to keep on your shelf, that’s cool by me!


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