Could David Wright return to the Mets on Sept 1 as the DH at Houston?

COULD David Wright return as the DH on September 1st?  Well you all know I hate COULD articles but since everyone is going to write one I might as well too.

The Mets are at Houston Sep 1-3.  DH park.  40 man rosters so it’s not a big deal to activate hm (except for pesky insurance reasons).

I was stunned to hear David do an Actual Baseball Activity last night…so maybe the Mets looked ahead at the magical conflux of 9/1 and the expanded rosters and a DH game.

And,,, as storytelling goes….”David Wright played in limited games last September” is a better sell than “David Wright hasn’t played din nearly two full seasons” on the optics front.

I continue to wish David the best.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: David Wright played baseball last night!

David Wright DH’d for St. Lucie. WHAT????

SLACKISH REACTION: You twitter people drive me nuts.  When I home all you guys tweet play by play but when I am out of town nobody does it.  Do you have a spy cam?   Anyway seems Milone is terrible and the Mets lost and Terry was a tough guy in the postgame.  I’ll just watch the game myself tonight so you can all get back to telling me what just happened on my TV.

Mets last run of games: WLWLLLLLWLLL.   I was nice and started with the Phillies series.

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