Mets Police Morning Laziness: The Dark Knight Regresses

I took the extra step of searching for “Matt Harvey” last night and from what I read he was supposedly only hitting the low 90s and some high 80s.  The 9 beat reporters only posted his line, which  wasn’t that impressive anyway.

Meanwhile, as you know, Matz is gone in yet another Prevention and Recovery fiasco.

SLACKISH REACTION:  the one night I’m out of town not one of these jabronis was doing play by play tweets.  If I were home watching Gare I would be getting out by out updates.  I didn’t even know they were playing Arizona until I saw the final post.  Anyway, what’s their record since bringing up Rosario?  They have won like 4 games, right?

Anyway, drank lots of beer and have stuff to now.  Enjoy the day.

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