Mets Police Morning Laziness: Joey Bats and Batman

SLACKISH REACTION:  You likely know that the Mets signed Joey Bautista who started, played LF, batted 5th, doubled and scored. I will let the lazy blogs write The Obvious.  I spent most of the night watching Matt Harvey look surpassingly OK now that he is free of pitching guru Mickey Callaway.  The 4th place Mets are 3.5 out.

The below is amazing.

Jose Bautista was on his couch at 2 p.m. Tuesday after clearing waivers. Forty minutes later he had a one-year, major-league contract with the Mets and he managed to make a 3:45 p.m. flight from Tampa to Laguardia; he lives near the Tampa airport.

The 37-year-old landed at 6:15 and walked into the clubhouse at 6:30 (via


The Mets had their four-game winning streak snapped tonight…The Mets are 5-2 on this homestand and fell to 12-12 at home.

Mets pitching struck out 11 batters tonight…It was the club’s seventh straight game with nine or more strikeouts, tied for the second-longest streak in franchise history…The club record is eight straight games with nine or more strikeouts, set July 24-31, 2016…The Mets also had a seven-game streak from August 23-29, 2015.

Zack Wheeler: Tied his season-high with nine strikeouts tonight…Also fanned nine on April 29 at San Diego…Wheeler has struck out seven or more batters in five of his eight starts…Wheeler has 47 strikeouts in 44.0 innings of work this season.

And most importantly:  Time: 2:50

“I think that the Mets are going to be okay,” Beltran tells TMZ Sports … “I think that the season is early, I think that they have a lot of talent so there’s no doubt that they have the talent to bounce back.”


The Somerset Patriots have announced that left-handed pitcher Aaron Laffey’s contract has been purchased by the New York Mets. Laffey is expected to report to Triple-A.  Via MyCentralNJ,com


Callaway-less Matt Harvey throws 6 innings of 1 run ball

Nice enough start for Matt Harvey tonight. You will read that it was outstanding, but that overlooks the shaky first inning where he had the bases loaded. He gave up a shot to RF, but other than that, some clean effortless frames. Nice start. Good line. Outstanding is a bit of an exaggeration.

Interestingly, he is no longer working with known pitching guru Mickey Callaway who made fixing MH a priority.

Have the Reds shown the Mets a way to have a successful Banner Day 3.0?

Following my inner Kylo Ren I had let the past die and moved on from Banner Day.  After all, the Mets had tried it three times and even you t-shirt zombies couldn’t be bothered to support it, so it was time to let it go and thank the Mets for trying.

But then I saw this…

Hey – now what if the Mets tied into Youth Baseball, and invited a bunch of teams to a game and a pregame parade.  Heck do it on one of those inexplicable Wednesday day games, and let the kids make a day of it.  Maybe even go crazy and do some little league special $2 tickets or something – you know, try and grow the young end of the fanbase so when I die before the Mets win again you might actually have someone young who cares about this slog of a sport?

A 1000 person parade?   Nice job Mets!   Maybe the Pittsburgh crew in charge in Queens should call Cincy and ask how they did it.

You own this Mets jersey: Mota (MP looks up who Mota was)

Big thanks to @davesmetsdugout for sending this over, which is awesome since today is one of the days where even I have to Actually Work.

So, being honest, I was like Mota?  Was Manny Mota a Mets coach?  No, I don’t think so, so I googled Mota Mets and was reminded Guillermo Mota was a 2006-2007 Met!

Now I know you millennials like WAR, his WAR with the Mets is 0.1 which means (I think) that if we pretended there was a minor leaguer and made the pretend minor leaguer into a real boy we would have won 1/10th fewer games in two years than we did with an actual person.  And if that isn’t the case for “advanced” stats, what is?

Mr. Mota was traded to the Brewers for Johnny Estrada.  Maybe some other day I will google Johnny Estrada, but that day is not today.

Most impressively, Mr Mota pitched 14 major league seasons without me noticing.

Here’s to you Mr. Mota, and here’s to you owner of Mr. Mota’s jersey!


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