Mayors Office had Gooden over to recreate the 1986 Parade or something today for some reason

I have no idea what to make of this or why it happened. It’s not like I don’t Google or Twitter Search Mets endlessly…..why do this? Why not promote it?

Assuming there was some sort of Greater Good Cause, why not tell people about this?


Mets Morning Laziness: Everyone is dead and the Mets were contracted

Slackish Reaction:  all Mets are hurt.  Well not ALL Mets, Jose Reyes is fine.  Yo is out.  Thor was out.  Matt Harvey says he wasn’t ready.  President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.  The Mets are in last.  The Wilpons want to build a mall.  At least Conforto gets to play now, right?

I do think this idea of bringing Rosario up is nuts.  You’d be bringing up your top prospect with a Save Our Season mission, and presumably playing Cabrera (who has been the most consistent Mets player during his time here) out of position.   Say Rosario hits .280 – is that good enough or does he become “a bust?”  What happens his second time through the league when he hits the same slump everyone does?   I think it is way too early.

Is anyone going to be surprised if we learn in the next 48 hours that Harvey is hurt too?


THIS (below) is really uncool especially after a winter of LOOK AT ME social media.  You wanted to be the star, your’e the star.  Don’t yell at Jay.



In today’s must read….Bill Madden came at the Mets hard, talking about the myth of the Mets starting pitching and big time starting the Reyes Watch

JOSÉ REYES: Hit his first home run of the season with a solo shot in the fifth inning…Now has 448 career RBI as a Met, eight behind Kevin McReynolds (456) for 10th-most in franchise history…Finished the game with a season-high three hits and two RBI…It was his first multi-hit and multi-RBI game of the season.

It’s early yet, I imagine today will be a feeding frenzy.   Enjoy.


Must read:  With great Mets myth exposed, now it’s time to suck it up – NY Daily News

Today’s Must Read

Syndergaard, counted on to be the Mets’ horse, is already complaining of a tired arm and had to be scratched from his start the second straight day Thursday; deGrom has a history wearing down; Harvey again is somewhat of a “is he hurt?” mystery; Wheeler will almost surely be subject to innings limits come summer, and who knows if Matz will ever be back?

Source: With great Mets myth exposed, now it’s time to suck it up – NY Daily News

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