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Guess which Mets Pitcher tweeted a picture of himself on a bed

question mark

Not not that guy, this guy.  Who were you expecting this to be about?

Let’s overanalyze this tweet from the Mets, shall we?

I haven’t done one of these kind of posts in a while.

So what’s going on here?

mets tweet


At first I was confused.  Actually I am still confused.  Is this….

a)  They are buying (at least 4 tickets) and leaving a kid home, thus the need for the babysitter?

b)  They are doing it Brady style and bringing the kids AND a babysitter?  Can’t Mrs. Brady watch her own kids at a baseball game?

c)  It’s date night.  Screw the kids.  They don’t need a baseball game.   but but what happened to bring your kiddies bring your wife?  Do we no longer bring kiddies?

d) Mom wanted to go to a home game on a Saturday, but the Mets don’t play Saturday afternoon games and she’s a good mom who can’t in good conscience keep her kids out until 11 at night.  Good job mom.

Anyway – this is an expensive outing.  2 Tickets (at least), tolls, parking, food, babysitter….jeez I’m just staying home.

Lova ya @mets.

Mookiee Podcast 49: Ambassador Valentine, and Rogue One next week!


This week on your favorite Mets and Star Wars podcast:

With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon we talk about Rogue One (no spoilers whatsoever) and of course the New York Mets. The names Mike Howard, Roger Cedeno, Kevin Morgan and Jaxxon come up. If you’re playing the I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee drinking game, we snapped our streak of mentioning Life Day.

Soundcloud below, or subscribe via iTunes on the AltSportsTalk feed.

00:00 Rogue One – no spoilers at all
05:00 Jason drives around North Carolina buying Star Wars figures
07:00 Larger discussion about Collecting Stuff
15:00 Jason Fry’s favorite scene: as seen on!

21:00 Domestic violence in baseball
28:00 Stupid cheap Mets didn’t get new players at the Winter Meetings
34:00 The decade without a center fielder
37:30 We remember Mets OFers Kevin Morgan and Mike Howard
40:00 Tom Seaver was pretty good in 1986
44:00 Bobby Valentine, Ambassador to Japan

Bobby Valentine for Ambassador to Japan?

There are reports that Bobby Valentine is being considered to be the US Ambassador to Japan.

1978 bobby valentine

Um, I guess. I don’t know too much about what goes into being an ambassador, but V sure seems to appreciate and understand Japan, and from what I read the people of Japan like Mr. Valentine back.

Maybe this could become a thing, where say we make Jerry Manuel the ambassador to some country we want to be tough with and he could threaten to go gangsta on them.  Or maybe we could send Jeff Torborg to some country that we think is years away from developing.   What other manager ambassador jokes ya got?

In other Bobby Valentine news, V is scheduled to be at the Queens Baseball Convention on January 28th.  You should come discuss international politics with him.

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