Mets Police Morning Laziness: as long as Jose Reyes is happy

jose reyes marlins uniform

SLACKISH REACTION:  You guys know I like my sleep and today was my one Saturday all summer to sleep in.  MMMmmmm sleep.  Anyway woke up and googled Mets.  The Mets won.  And while Carbrera-gate was on my brain I had totally forgotten the Mets admitted the season is over and they are willing to trade players!

Anyway, the Mets won (I now get my game recaps from, that’s how bad every other source has gotten, that the official Pravda version is the most thorough.) and who cares about the details.

I do not understand anyone’s love of Jose Reyes, especially the Mets.   Bad guy, bad player.  0 for 3 last night (with 2 walks) and I think the Mets Twitter Narrative is so wrong on this Cabrera reaction.  You guys are acting like Cabrera is the worst person ever.   It’s one thing to lose your job to the future and a prospect, it’s another to lose it to a guy batting .191    So the Mets upset their clubhouse to keep Jose Reyes happy.  I’m with Cabrera on this one.

sandy alderson @metsgm

Then there’s the fire sale.  Good.  I have been telling you since May 16th that the season is over, and it’s good to see the Mets realize it too.


If the issue is that Cabrera isn’t good enough at SS, and you want to upgrade SS, WHY THE HELL IS ROSARIO IN VEGAS????

This love of Reyes makes no sense.  This team drives me bonkers.

I like this from CBS Sports

The Mets, then, are showing more loyalty to arguably the worst player in baseball than they are to just about anyone else in their clubhouse. No wonder Cabrera is upset — he’s better than Reyes, and he knows it.

The Astros want JDG.  Screw it, let’s get something before he gets hurt too.   Trade everyone but Harvey, let him be the ace during the 2018 mess.

This Mets jersey looks suspect to me

Osh41 just sent this my way, and I have been blogging for a decade now and have done a ton of jersey posts and I don’t recall ever seeing this design.  I don’t want to promote bootleg items, so no link from me, and I will not tell you what it is properly called….but its something along the lines of Honor The Troops Jerseys.   The design is interesting, but why would they have made this in Mookie Wilson as opposed to say David Wright.

If this is indeed legit I would like to know more, but I don’t see it on any of the official retailers.  Osh41 says he saw it on a Cooperstown Collection once.    Anyway, interesting…


Mets Police Morning Laziness: oh hey the Mets lost, don’t drop the baby

SLACKISH REACTION:  oh hey the Mets lost.  I should see how…..I’m back and I skimmed the story and seemed like it was boring.  The Mets are 12 games back.

The newspapers think there are three days left to fix the Mets, including a coaching change.  LOL ok but you get a link.  (Terry Watch Watch!)

I didn’t read it because who cares but This Website says the Mets could have had Clemens.

The Mets set their record for giving up most HRs in a 4 game series.  

Even Women’s Buzz Magazine is worried about the Mets!

Good job today newspapers!

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