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Update your Mets Narratives people

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Good morning,

I have spent most of the last 24 hours discussing three topics with fellow fans.  I know most of you get your news from Amazing Mets Insider Apple Blog Report, and that’s fine if you like game previews, but you really need to update The Narrative.

Narrative #1: the Wilpons are cheap.

Believe me I get it.  However, there seems to be some outrage that the Mets didn’t do anything at the Winter Meetings, when it seems like the only thing they would have done was rid the Mets of a relatively inexpensive 30 HR guy.  Not sure why y’all want that.

Looking at the team, they have a strong rotation, a closer (despite his off-field problems which we will get to) and legitimate major leagues at all 8 positions.  Sure it would be nice if Travis could play like your Mike Piazza fantasies, but there ain’t too many Mike Piazzas out there.

If the rotation isn’t what we all hope and dream – well then the plan is bonked anyway and you should have re-signed Colon.

All that being said, hard to bitch about the Wilpons being cheap after paying a guy $110M when another guy is being paid $25M and – despite his hard and our wishes – that guy can’t make a meaningful contribution no matter how much we love him.

Update the narrative and pay more attention to the Willets Point Development saga if you want to have Wilpon Rage.


Narrative #2: The Mets don’t celebrate their history

Hey I started a whole blog about this, but what the hell do you want?   Yes a statue of Tom Seaver would be great, but letting that go for a second, they retired a guy’s number, wore throwbacks every day, there are 8 billion player flags out front of Citi, built a museum, they refurbished the supposedly unsalvageable Apple, they had several 1986 events, there’s a good chance Edgardo Alfonzo and John Franco are standing right behind you right now, and there is all sorts of Mets imagery around the park.  They were wrong in 2009, but this ship has sailed.


The elephant in the room

Having some more back and forth on twitter this morning about baseball and domestic violence.  To me, there are mixed messages about what baseball will punish you for.  There are also mixed messages from the fans about what they care about.  There a lot of fans who would welcome (insert your villain of choice) if they thought he could get two outs in the 6th inning of a tight game or steal some bases and flash a smile while dusting himself off at third.

So the next time some baseball player does something bad and we’re all outraged, let’s remember that as soon as the guy shows up in blue and orange we’ll be cheering and buying merch with his picture on it.


HOWEVER….I’m back on my high horse here, I do get passionate….however on one episode of the podcast, Jason Fry helped educate me about some aspects of domestic violence behavior that I was unaware of, and my inner Jason is reminding me to take a more measured approach than perhaps I did in the first two paragraphs of this section.   That discussion starts at around the 29 minute mark, and Jason’s words speak for themselves.  I hope you find it interesting.  We also talked about Jaxxon from Marvel Star Wars comics.  This ain’t WFAN.

Clickbait: Mets Fanbase #129 on clickbaity list!

sports fans

Fansided did some wonderful clickbait, so if you’d like to know why the Mets fanbase is #129 in Fandom (fandom includes not just sports but things like South Park #128 and people like Kevin Hart) you should click the link.  Hey you clicked this far….

Source: New York Mets – Fandom 250 – 2016

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