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Why don’t MLB and NFL want Americans to sleep?

homer asleep


Good morning, rise and shine.

Since I was 14, I have been getting up at 6am with few breaks.  First it was high school, then various jobs and commutes, and even now if I wanted to become Millionaire Blogger Slacker, my kids are up for school at 6.  So there is no sleeping in.

Last night I was staring at the NFL kickoff time.  8:25pm Eastern.  Why?

Various articles put the average length of an NFL game at three hours and various minutes.   Let’s call it three hours.

That’s an 11:25pm finish.

Even if you have the luxury of getting up at 6:30 that’s still 7 hours sleep.  Do you people have jobs where you can get up at 7:30 on a weekday? What is this life and how do I get it?

On to baseball, and the game that is dragging on and on and on.  The average length appears to be around 2:56, let’s call it three hours again, and anyone who has watched playoff baseball knows that the games are longer in the postseason, if for no other reason than extra commercials (never mind Creeping LaRussa-ism with bullpen usage.)

8:08 starts, add three hours, yep 11pm again.  7 hours sleep.






Now let’s look at where The Americans live.

47% of the population lives in the Eastern Time Zone.  14.1% live in Pacific.  Logic clearly dictates the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.

Am I suggesting a football game start at 4pm Pacific?  Yeah I am.

Am I suggesting the World Series start at 4pm Pacific?  Yeah I am.

14 percent vs 47 percent.




cubs L


Another 32.9% live in Central.

Could the World Series start at 6pm locally?  Sure could. Cubs fans have figured out how to deal with 1:20pm weekday starts for a century, I bet they could figure out 6pm.   A football game at 6pm?  I bet they could handle that too.



homer asleep


Finally, let’s look at some maps.

Here’s where the football teams are.  I imagine their fans are too.

And here’s the baseball teams.

TV is focused on the areas with fewer teams and fewer people.  WHY?

Now before you hit the comments with some “then don’t watch” comment, I don’t.  I don’t even look at the three night football games now, and I don’t even look at non-Mets postseason baseball.   And nor does the next generation that lives at my house.

Let us sleep!


100 Random Cool Mets Things #12: Ice Cream Caps

Please understand there is a difference between GOOD and cool.  In a previous installment I mentioned the 1993 road jerseys.  If you walk up to me in your brand new Cespedes jersey, it tells me who you are.  If you show up in a Craig Swan jersey, it tells me who you are.  If you have a ’93 road, it tells me who you are.  And if you have an ice cream cap, it tells me who you are.

These looked terrible.  Not as terrible as the 15 years of black hell that was to come, but these looked bad.

mets ice cream caps

There’s probably a way to make them work, and as civilian-wear they do indeed work – but I dunno, look at that picture, it just doesn’t work.  It works better than many things, but this isn’t awesome.

I have a cap that for some reason has a World Series patch on it, but again, as civilian-wear it’s not bad.

ice cream cap Mets 1969

So, why does this make the cool list?  Because it’s random and way more interesting than posting about what the Mets 2016 rotation might be.  That that stuff elsewhere.

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