Mailbag: Metsing Up Citi Field, Trading Reyes, and more

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I realize that there is now talk of building a hall of fame in the back, but this just brings more attention to the fact that this was left out and crowds an already very crowded area! Here are some ideas I have:

a) I really like the rotunda, but how about calling it “The Mets Hall of Fame in Jackie Robinson Rotunda.” Put the busts of the hall of fame members around the rotunda on pedestals and the two hall of fame trophies somewhere prominent as well. It might be hard to put pictures of the mets up, but perhaps some banners of our championships?

b) Also consider putting the busts throughout the hallways of the stadium on pedestals if the rotunda doesn’t work. They should definitely be out somewhere!

c) There should be team pictures lining the halls/walkways.

d) Pictures of famous mets and met moments everywhere we walk!

Also, the outfield wall color is terrible. I heard you had picked black because it makes everything else look better on TV, however it really makes the stadium look depressing. Honestly, just make it the same color as the one that was at Shea (that nice Mets blue). It will look great, match the mets colors nicely with the orange stripe, and it will quiet people about the mets colors not being around!

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Jimmy Rollins? gimme a break.
The only thing Rollins has over Reyes is he’s an elite fielder.

In Reyes’ 2 Good years (out of 4 FULL years)so far he has sported an OPS in the Mid 800s, In Rollins’ 8 Full years of Major league service he has only approached that one time, His Insane 2007 (his MVP year).

Reyes has been around a while he is only 25. Rollins is 31 and should be on the decline soon.

I think Rollins is the one who is overrated

We all need to give Reyes a break for a little longer. He is Maturing, he is walking more, striking out less, and swinging at less pitches outside the zone.

Not to mention he is the best SS our franchise has ever had. For the sake of the history of the Franchise we need Wright and Reyes to win a championship, these are 2 of the best position players the Mets have ever produced (home grown) and I predict they will carry us to a championship before they turn 32 or so and start to decline. 

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Some people are really hard on waiters/waitresses. They live and die by tips. Some people may find them annoying if they come by to often. Id rather be asked how everything is 100 times then have to look around and wait forever for a refill or an extra napkin

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