Tug McGraw Told New York To Stick It

I’m going to guess since this middle-aged Mets fan didn’t recall this, this may be news to many of you.

When I mentioned the Phillies fans use of “Ya Gotta Believe” yesterday, reader Jon mentioned that in 1980 Tug took the phrase with him and told NY to “stick it.”

I’ve always known Tug to be a a beloved Met alumnus, and of course we remember 1973.

However, if you read here – here is the story in print.

Not sure how I feel about Tug now.

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One Reply to “Tug McGraw Told New York To Stick It”

  1. During the 2000 playoffs Bobby Jones pitched an amazing game against the Giants in the NLDS. At that game Tug threw out the first pitch. He ran out to the mound in a Mets jacket. When he got there he ripped it off to reveal a t-shirt underneath reading, "Ya Gotta Beleive!" in orange and blue". He smiled to the crowd and fired in the ceremonial first pitch. Given this, I assume he had made his peace with the team and it's use of the phrase by this point. It helped to cheer up a packed house that had just been forced to endure Cindy Lauper singing the national anthem.

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