Re-post: The 2010 Hall of Garvey Inductees

I’m reposting the below.  When the list of new folks eligible for the Hall of Fame came out, I revisited my “Hall of Garvey” which is for the pretty good.   I would consider Andre Dawson to be pretty good.  I heard Russo talking about how Craig Biggio will make the Hall of Fame but isn’t “really a Hall of Famer” and Chris said Biggio wasn’t even the best player on his team or the best second baseman of his time.   I will put Biggio in the HOG (Hall of Garvey) when the time comes.

Here’s a repost of the 2010 ballot:

Years ago I created the “Hall of Garvey.”  It’s a place for the very very good.   Those who are just shy of the Hall of Fame  Keith Hernandez and Don Mattingly are in the HOG, and this year’s Hall of Fame ballot provides some new nominees, and there’s some pretty good players on the list.  However, there’s a difference between pretty good and all-time.
Let’s take a look at the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot and see who should make the HOF, who makes the HOG and who makes neither.
Mark McGwire:  Fame.  I’m sorry everyone, he was America’s sweetheart in 1998 and you all cheered for him.  If you didn’t think his workout plan was suspect at the time you were lying to yourself.  Blew away a record that hadn’t been touched in 40 years.  I’m not going to ignore his fame, his infamy nor his 583 home runs. The Hall of Fame will be absurd without Bonds and Rose in it, as you’ll lose the home run record holder and the hit king.   Start a Hall of Nice Guys or get over it.
Edgar Martinez.   Garvey.   There will be a push for Edgar but 2200 hits and how about you pick up a glove and catch a ball.
Barry Larkin.  Garvey.  I want to give him fame just for playing 19 seasons with one team…but 2340 hits is why the Hall of Garvey was started.  Go stand next to Steve and his 2599 hits.
Fred McGriff.  Garvey.   2009 is quite a year for the HOG.   Fred was a very good player, but 441 home runs in an era where that’s not that many.   I guess he should have cheated.
Roberto Alomar.   Garvey.  There was a time where he was talked about as being in his way to being the best second baseman ever.  He fell off a cliff after age 32, just in time to come to the Mets and fall out of Fame contention.   A pretty good ballplayer even if it never showed in Queens.
Pete Rose. Fame.   4256.  You can’t ignore it.
Robin Ventura.   None.   I won’t go down the list of everyone eligible for the Hall of Fame but I will cover two ex-Mets.  Nice player, I liked him, but you gotta draw a line somewhere and the line is above 1885 hits.
Todd Zeile.   None.  Another nice player, but were you ever at a game and thought to yourself “there goes one of the best baseball players I have ever seen?”
This is just one man’s opinion, and I don’t get a vote for the HOF.   However, I do run the Hall of Garvey.   Congratulations to the Class of 2010, Roberto Alomar, Fred McGriff, Barry Larkin, and Edgar Martinez.

My 2009 Hall of Garvey Class:  Bert Blyleven, Jim Rice and Dale Murphy to the HOG.

Previous inductees include:  Steve Garvey, Keith Hernandez, Don Mattingly.

By the way, do y’all realize that as time marches on, technologies change, and newspapers die, someday someone like Matt Cerrone will have and will deserve a ballot for the actual Hall?

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