The Mets quietly admit the obstructed views at Citi Field

Well look at that!  Look what the New York Mets have added to their ticket sales.  An actual warning that you might not be able to see parts of the outfield.

Friends, this stuff makes me happy.  I’m sad that we can’t see the left fielder, but I am pleased that the Mets (who read this site folks) have taken another one of my friendly suggestions (like renaming the former “Saturday” plan) and decided to be honest with fans.  If you click the box and sit in those seats, that’s on you. Last year David Howard and friends just took your money and told you you were crazy.

Long time readers of the Mets Police know I have spent an awful lot of time on obstructed views, so I’m glad to see this change.

This stuff works Mets fans, you keep sending things in and I’ll keep riding their case until we win the World Series while dressed nicely.  Big thanks to Michael for bringing this to my attention.  Send stuff to when you have it.

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  1. I was just curious what the current available seat locations were, I didn’t even buy those seats. (and I wouldn’t, RF over LF for views in my opinion)

    Isn’t “Limited Portions” a little redundant though?

  2. So if they “admit” to limited views, aren’t they required to lower prices by MLB rules? Remember the Mezz and Loge back rows? Those were $5 on many days. After all, the Upper Deck (I’m sorry, Promenade) is gonna be empty all of April. You know that, I know that, the Mets ticket office knows that. (Only Dave Howard doesn’t know that).

    Bring back Kid’s Day and the $2 tickets on the first Saturday, make them $5. Bring back Sr. Days for day games. Bring back REAL discounts for groups. Bring back the $5 picnic area. If you sell me a ticket at $5, I know that the $20 parking, plus $7 burger, plus $8 beer, plus $5 ice cream helmet doesn’t seem nearly that bad. But if you charge me $20 for an obstructed view, I’ll pass on the ticket. Then you lose on your parking and concessions. Has no one ever done this cost/revenue analysis?

  3. Step one is admitting that some seats offer a limited view. Step two is pricing those seats accordingly. Maybe next year we’ll get to step two.

  4. The OF seats are already cheaper. Some have more of an obstructed view, but they’re still outfield seats.

    aaguero9, I’m sure they’ve done cost/revenue analysis, which is why they lowered prices on tickets this year where needed.

    Those upper deck seats won’t be empty, and when they are they’ll still be sold. I’m intending to go to 2-3 games at least in April, and I’ll be buying those seats. $12-$15 to get in and wander around is fine and expected pricing for me. I’m learning which sections I like the views better in anyway, so I won’t buy 532 when I can buy 502.

  5. Is it me, or is Ceetar the only one who has stated they are actually attending Mets games next year?

    1. I grabbed a 6-pack for the opener. I can’t lead the Blue Cap Army that day if I am not there – and the price of the opener on Stubhub was only $10 less than grabbing the 6ers. So I’ll take Junior to a few games.

  6. A friend took me to a game last year (free ticket, on other words) and we had obstructed seats and I missed the game-winning homer. I am not inclined to go back, even for free. What’s the point of being there in person when you can see more while listening on WFAN? I was priced out of most of the seats and now I’m blocked out of the rest.

  7. Last year I had my 15 game back in section 532, when to see the pre, pre season college game and then first found out we had an obstructed view (Thank you METS). Decided to just renew them again this year. This will be my 14th season in a row at Opening Day and can’t wait!

    BTW – I am new to this site and love it! You do you a great job – keep it up!!!

  8. I wonder if you get those same warnings if you order seats in the Promenade with the plexiglass staircase obstructions.

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