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Well look at that!  Look what the New York Mets have added to their ticket sales.  An actual warning that you might not be able to see parts of the outfield.

Friends, this stuff makes me happy.  I’m sad that we can’t see the left fielder, but I am pleased that the Mets (who read this site folks) have taken another one of my friendly suggestions (like renaming the former “Saturday” plan) and decided to be honest with fans.  If you click the box and sit in those seats, that’s on you. Last year David Howard and friends just took your money and told you you were crazy.

Long time readers of the Mets Police know I have spent an awful lot of time on obstructed views, so I’m glad to see this change.

This stuff works Mets fans, you keep sending things in and I’ll keep riding their case until we win the World Series while dressed nicely.  Big thanks to Michael for bringing this to my attention.  Send stuff to when you have it.

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