Should the Mets have built a home run friendly park to sell tickets?

Interesting take here that suggests the Mets should have built a smaller park. Chicks dig the long-ball, not 2-1 games, right?

As you may have picked up, I’m a traditionalist, and the Mets have won in the past with pitching.  I like the idea of a big park, and Omar keeps saying “pitching and defense” but went out and signed NO pitching and a power hitting low-range left fielder.  Makes sense to me.

Meanwhile, when I’m reading headlines like “Starting catcher: Omir Santos or Henry Blanco” I start to wonder if I have traveled back in time.  Might as well ask me “Starting catcher: Alex Trevino or Ron Hodges?”  At least Hodges had his number retired.

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3 Replies to “Should the Mets have built a home run friendly park to sell tickets?”

  1. The Jets made the AFC Championship game…they ain’t selling out. The Yankees won the World Series. They struggled to sell out. The Giants won the Superbowl a couple of years back…they can’t sell out.

    Notice a common theme here? Extremely overpriced tickets for new stadiums.

  2. Plenty of scoring at Wilpons Folly, Shannon. The opposition can blast our pathetic pitching staff rather well. We can only HOPE we can hold the opposition to two runs now and then.
    It’s not all power. Intelligent approaches can score runs—even hit ’em out. See Utley, Chase (Journal of Citi Field 2009; right-field line).

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