Mascot race at Mets games?

I see a bit of a discussion about a proposed Mascot race at Citi.

Some thoughts:

1.  Don’t do it, it’s lame.

2.  If it has gotten as far as MetsBlog mentioning it, that means it’s being discussed outside of Wilpon’s Bunker, and it’s being talked about more than just as a passing idea.

3.  These are the Wilpon Mets, the team that ignore’s it’s own tradition and borrows traditions from others.  Do you remember when the Mets stole the YMCA thing from the Yankees for about a week.  Yes they did, I saw it with my own eyes.

4.  Since all that adds up to yes it’s going to happen, perhaps we’ll see the return of Lady Met.  I’ll actually stop-hating on this idea if they dress someone in a Mettle the Mule costume (just embrace it) rather than some made up Poochie character (that’s a Simpsons reference).

5.  If the team is going for Bread and Circuses how about Banner Day and Old Timer’s Day.

Now I’m waking up!   Heading out for a well needed run, Mets Police Junior’s basketball game, and then some more bloggin’.

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7 Replies to “Mascot race at Mets games?”

  1. Obviously I like the idea given that I wrote that Real Dirty post. (well, crossposted it from myself, but technicalities)

    The Mets, and really no team, even the Yankees with their stupid YMCA thing, are going to give up the casual fan entertainment stuff, the kitschy races and t-shirt launches and whatnot, so I say go all out and make it your own. I know it’s “copying” but 95% of in-stadium entertainment has been copied from someone else, whether it’s standing and clapping for two strikes (supposedly made famous for Ron Guidry) or K-Corner, (supposedly a Doc Gooden original), races around the park, dugout dances, 8th inning songs, running around the bases or silly scoreboard things like noise meters and “Getting Figgy with it” for a strike out by figueroa (which they did for Ty Wiggington too..) The Mets certainly werne’t the only ones playing Who Let The Dogs out 10 years ago. Most fans (other than the vocal blogging minority) enjoy that stuff, or certainly don’t mind it.

    So take the silly idea that was originated somewhere else, and make it your own. And that’s sorta where I was going with my idea. You get two mascots (and bringing Sandy the Seagull to Citi Field would be a fine way to cross-promote the Cyclones) And it’d certainly be easy to find sponsors for some, or all, of the races, like if you decided to have Brooklyn represented by a Nathans Hot Dog. Revenue, sponsors, silly entertainment, it really is win-win.

    1. I like your ideas for the Seagull and even the hot dog, but why do they have to run a footrace? Can they race go-carts, or throw frisbees, or ride around in little airplanes, or play home run derby, or each pick a kid out of the crowd and let the kids race, or maybe the Mets could have a meeting and come up with original ideas, since I just came up with 7 as I typed.

  2. A Budweiser bottle for Keith Hernandez [Cynics would say a cigarette or rolled-up dollar bill]
    A large orange for Le Grand Orange. Sponsored by Tropicana.
    A large strawberry for Donald Trump’s newest main man.
    Bob Raissman. He’s already a mascot, small enough to fit inside a costume.

  3. If a baseball is so boring for the ADD generation that ballparks need to blast moldie oldies between innings at 80,000 decibles, have wiffle-ball parks in the stadium beacuse “kids get bored” (Jeff Wilpon), troll the stadium for KissCam victims, do the wave while a Mets pitcher is trying to get out of a bases-loaded, no-outs mess, etc., why don’t the Mets just build a seperate amusement park and let the real baseball fans discuss the ongoing game amongst themselves with some nice, quiet organ music in the background? I don’t want to sound reactionary to everything, but let’s have some dignity, Metsies: Please, no insipid on-field race. Just play fundamental, winning baseball. That’s fun enough.

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