Videogame rendering of Citi Field with blue fences

Jesse sent this to me, a magical alternate world where David Howard has found a paint company that sells blue, and the Mets wear pinstriped jerseys at home.   Of all the “shut up the fans” moves the Mets could do, this one seems so so easy.  Enjoy.

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13 Replies to “Videogame rendering of Citi Field with blue fences”

  1. It’s funny what a coat of paint can do. The city has been reconstructing the Grand Central/Whitestone/Van Wyck highways in the Shea Stadium [YES!] area for many years now. When they first did some work in the ’90’s they replaced the usual highway bridge green paint with blue paint, similar to the rehab paint job on the big blue bowl to the south. Now the job is pretty much complete – and what color did they use for the bridges – a blue awfully similar to Mets blue and the blue of old Shea.

  2. If things continue as they have in the first year and a half of Citi Field, this is how it will play out:

    If we suck again this year, the walls will probably be painted blue in the offseason. If we make the playoffs, it’s black walls and unis for another ten.

    I’ll take the latter.

    1. Jason I think you nailed it. However, why can’t the franchise listen to the fans and win at the same time. Why does it take a 90 loss season to convince someone that they’d better slap together a hall of fame?

  3. Such a simple fix and whole place takes on a different atmosphere (granted we won’t know about it if we’re in the LF uppers.)

  4. Another thing about that video that made the stadium look better was the lack of those annoying ads on the brick backstop wall behind home plate. And, of course, DW hitting a home run off the upper deck–when did that ever happen in 2009?

    1. It’s too late in the offseason to convince Dave Howard to buy some blue plate, let’s all try to collectively remember to bring this one up after the World Series. Anyone remember Shea’s green fence?

  5. YES a petition on the getting those wall and all that awful black vinyl changed to Mets blue. To remind owners what the blue should look like, post the Mets toybox again 🙂

    PS: And petition they get some low growing shrubs around the apple or bring in some dark green astroturf. That painted black plywood look is awful

  6. BTW – dont think you can paint vinyl. They would have to spend some money (!!) on new blue vinyl with orange HR line.

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