Phillies ticket system slammed

Single game Phillies tickets went on sale this morning (imagine that, individual game sales!  I wonder if the Mets will get around to that?) and reports are that it’s very hard to get through.

Since I’m a capitalist, and it’s an easy enough drive from Mets Police HQ I thought I’d scoop myself up some Mets tickets…I too find myself in an endless queue.

I wonder if we will find the same troubles in Flushing when they put tickets on sale (probably in March).   I suspect that outside of Opening Day you won’t have much trouble finding a seat.

Wow, nitpicking a game from 1975!
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10 Replies to “Phillies ticket system slammed”

  1. I think it’ll be harder to get tickets than you think, I mean, in general if you buy before the season no game is sold out except the premier games.

    Mets will sell out the Yankees, Opening Day, and probably Hall of FAme day and Fireworks night prior to the season.

    I dont’ feel like checking (and I’d have grabbed phillies tickets to if they’d actually sent out the ticket email) but do the Phillies use ticketmasteR? because ticketmaster is horrible. The Mets system, while still flawed, is so much better. probably the best ticketing system I’ve used.

    1. i believe the Phillies use some sort of Comcast ticket system. I eventually got through, they offered me standing room, I threw them back and got sent back to the endless queue, so I said forget it.

  2. The Mets didn’t sell out opening day, or the Yankees games last year, what makes you think they will this year? There are always tickets available, just not the cheap seats.

    As far as being fan friendly, yes the Mets system is better, however ticketmaster is the one system I know of besides maybe Comcast that can actually handle the capacity for a big event. That in itself, while I disagree with most of what ticketmaster does, is a reason to praise them. The MLB system is a joke.

    1. i do find the Mets ticketing system easy to deal with, although I get insulted by fees. I recall several openers in the 90’s when the opener didn’t sell out – my feel for the fanbase is that it will in 2010, especially given that we’re seeing some leadership from David, Jose and Santana.

  3. The biggest benefit of the Mets system over ticketmaster (and they’ve handled capacity better than some. Part of it’s splitting it up so much into different sales dates and lotteries), is that with the Mets system if you get tickets, and don’t like the seat location, or want to check a different game, you can do so without getting back on line.

    If you click 2 tickets for the Yankees on ticketmaster, and get the corner seats that suck, and want to check a different game to see if something better is available, sorry, end of the line.

  4. Mets individual-game tickets usually go on sale late-February, early March. Why does it matter when? It’s been like that for years now. And they’re not the only ones who haven’t put them on sale yet.

  5. Yankees tickets for sale against the Yankees in June are dropping faster then the batting averages of both teams – grandstand seats in the outfield are now under $20 a ticket – pretty said for the Bronx Bomber fan base considering this is a rematch of a pretty competitive series last year.

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