The tea leaves in the Mets roster numbers

Nothing revolutionary here, but Adam Rubin posted the Mets spring training numbers, and I like to look carefully to see what numbers are not issued.

8. Not issued.  The great Mets by the Numbers tells us the last Met to wear #8 was coach Matt Galante in 2002, and player Desi Relaford in 2001.  Since then it is parked.  Obviously someone is thinking long-term about possibly retiring it for Hall of Famer Gary Carter.  Gary was elected to the Hall of Fame in January 2003

17. Once again issued to Fernando Tatis, best known for threatening to punch Jesse Orosco in the face in Game 6 of the 1986 NLCS.   That was him, right?

21. Last worn by Carlos Delgado.   I guess there’s no reason to rush handing this one out.  You never know.  Conspiracy theory: the Mets know that all of baseball will retire #21 to honor Roberto Clemente.

24. I really don’t get this one.  Retire it or use it.  This one has been mostly parked since Willie Mays, who is great and all but not a great Met, and then Kelvin Torve got to wear it for 10 inexplicable days in 1990, then only Rickey Henderson got to wear it.

31. Last worn by Mike Piazza, and before that the best Met of the 1990’s John Franco (sad but true).   The belief is the Mets are waiting to see which cap the Hall of Fame assigns Piazza before pulling the trigger on hanging a 31 on the fence…but then again, Carter is an Expo and they are holding 8.

All other numbers through 51 are either retired or in use.  (Thanks to Walter for the idea)

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  1. 8 – Just retire it already, as #8 is one of the more famous New York numbers. If not only for Kid Carter but for its more illustrious inhabitant, L.P. Berra.
    17 – Not necessarily a number destined for retirement, Mex or no Mex.
    24 – Should be retired. Shows the Mutts can also recognize the history of the Coogan’s Bluff entry in the National League, instead of focusing all of its energy on Flatbush.
    21 & 31 – No dog in this hunt.

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