The New York Mets opening day giveaway apple

Pete sent this over via…here’s the giveaway on Opening Day.

I’m more excited about the growing Blue Cap Army Opening Day meetup.   Thanks to everyone who has signed up…I’m going to contact some folks to see if we can get t-shirts or seats at McFadden’s or something.  Please feel encouraged to sign-up and spread the word…just wear a blue Mets cap.

Oh by the way, in case you missed one of the 17 or so “exclusive” pre-sales, single game tickets go on sale Sunday at 10am.

4 Replies to “The New York Mets opening day giveaway apple”

  1. Thats probably what the outfield wall will look like with the lowering to 8ft. Given the orange line, if you hit the apple box it a HR

  2. I downloaded the Amazing Avenue Annual and let out an audible chuckle when I got to the “Gary, Keith, and Ron” drinking game. My wife asked me what was so funny and I told her it was “a drinking game for watching the Mets on TV.”

    She responded without hesitation, “What do you do? Take a drink when somebody gets hurt?”

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