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Thanks to Shawn for sending these two pictures in.  First is the corrected Game 7 brick.

I know some of you will be curious to compare so here’s the link to the original post with the old brick. I am in a good mood and choose not to dwell on the past – although Dave Howard still needs to give me a better quote about obstructed views before I give up that fight.

Shawn also sent over Shea’s Apple as I have started calling it at its new home.

It looks good doesn’t it?  Make that great.

I’m tempted to ask how it went from being so fragile that it needed to be replaced rather than used like once a game to being sturdy enough to be out in public where hooligans could climb on it, but I am in a good mood so I won’t.

Speaking of pictures, Corey has the first glimpses of the museum! (fixed link)

That’s it for me for the night, I have some DVR emptying to do.

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