Citi Field: Home of the New York Mets

Hello friends – I am back from Citi Field and I am VERY happy.

Citi Field is clearly the home of the New York Mets.

When you walk in you feel like the Mets play there.

All the little touches add up – driving in and seeing the parking guys wearing blue and blue caps (orange NY outlined in white).  Meet the Mets (including the second verse) on the PA!   The gate being labeled Seaver.  Now the Dodgers stuff seems minor and very cool, contextualized in history rather than dominant.

I noticed the color black has been downplayed – you’ll see the museum is blue and orange.  I noticed blue retro jerseys on sale in the store ($140 for a blue Seaver).  At times I thought I had bought the team.  That good.

And then there’s the museum….WOW.

I took over 250 pictures (my usual blurry ill-framed type), and Media Goon who is with me and is a much better photographer took more.

It’s one of the 10 nicest days we’ll have all year so I want to go outside and enjoy it, but I will post pictures tonight.  I want to break them into sections and different posts.

Overall, fantastic job by the Mets.  I’m not here to talk about the past or mistakes that have been made.  Great job by whoever called the shots this season.  Media Goon and I paused to try to come up with something to complain about (just for sport) – nothing.   Great great job.

Since I know everyone is chomping at the bit – here’s a few pictures (click “continue reading” if you are on the main Mets Police page) and I will have more tonight.

Someone asked about the busts from the old Diamond Club.  They are not presently displayed but I was told they will be added.  In their place are Cooperstown type plaques, and the Seaver one is included in this post.

Much much more tonight.

12 Replies to “Citi Field: Home of the New York Mets”

  1. Figured you would have complained that the HOF Museum exited into the gift shop.

    1. Corey – I love the gift shops, and it is standard for any museum whether Cooperstown or Natural History (or a ride at Disney) to empty into a gift shop. All good.

  2. which is the blue retro jersey?

    but for the museum emptying into the gift shop, seeing the pictures almost makes me WANT to buy something from there.

    1. DyHrd I am posting pics as we roll along tonight – I may wait on the jersey stuff so I don’t knock the pics off the front page (I can only have 10 items on the main page). 1983 style blue with orange letters – Seaver.

  3. The Museum was spectacular. A perfect day to take my three year old nephew to his first ballpark. As for the gift shop. EVERY museum empties into the gift shop. Hehe. Hearing my nephew sing Meet The Mets in the backseat afterwards was priceless.

  4. The museum was well done. Having the Apple out front of the rotunda and all the additional banners that were put up really changed the feeling of the stadium from last year. I really liked the plaque and the sign on the SHEA bridge. All these little touches just totally changed my feeling on the park all together. Last year I liked the park in general and now I love the way it feels METSY now. And I didn’t mind the museum going into the team store at all. Almost every museum does that. I felt so good I even bought a retro pinstriped Strawberry jersey. In a funny coincidence the guy who rung my jersey up was named Daryl…

  5. I love the park and cant’ wait to see this stuff tomorrow.

    However, we know it’s still missing one thing. Memory. 21 hours on the dot..time to finish the job.

  6. My son and I were the first two fans to walk into the HOF Museum when the gates opened at 9:30 am today. I agree with you, it’s awesome! We loved all the memorabilia – the shoe polish ball, Seaver’s contract, Piazza’s equipment. The overall look and feel of the Museum is perfect. As for the rest of the changes to the stadium, they really do look terrific. We liked the blue & orange in the stairwells and the blue, orange, white & black splatter-paint on the bathroom floors.

    I think we’re starting off the season right – let’s just hope our Mets can play some good baseball!

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