(link) McFadden’s story in the Daily News

I never made it to McFadden’s yesterday but plan to research it extensively on Wednesday after work.

Seems they got a late start due to liquor license wrangling, but it was open.

I hope they figure out a way to allow us to patronize the bar once we’ve entered the stadium.   As far as I can tell, once you’re “inside” Citi Field you can’t get to the bar and re-enter.   I can understand ticket passback concerns, but maybe there’s a solution in there somewhere.  Not the biggest deal – but I know I would have popped in yesterday around 12:30 if there were such a way to do that.  There’s probably issues I just don’t understand.

Daily News story about McFadden’s

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  1. Here is the solution…have a guy at the door between the stadium and the bar. Everyone that comes in from the stadium shows their ticket, has it marked (or better yet, scanned) by the bouncer and then gets a wristband before entering the bar. You don’t get back into the stadium without your wristband.

  2. Yeah, gotta do something like that. I guess they’re concerned with people leaving the game for good and letting others use their ticket to get back in. Or tossing it over the fence, or through the slats of the rotunda.

  3. Wrist bands aren’t rocket science. My friend and I also walked down those CF steps to the inside the stadium entrance of McFadden’s to see the bar only to be told that going into McFadden’s was considered “leaving the stadium.”. Genius.

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