Worst blue Mets cap ever.

FormerDirtDart sent this over and his comment says it all, “It may be BLUE, but it is just WRONG.”

What is this you are looking at?   This is a cap for the moron friend in your life who wears his cap backward.  This one has the MLB logo in the FRONT and the NY in the back.  Of course if you’re a backward cap wearing clown, the NY would be facing the side your nose is on.

Then again as Osh41 says, “At least it’s not black.”

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4 Replies to “Worst blue Mets cap ever.”

  1. The first time I saw one of these, I didn’t get it. But now it makes perfect sense — it is for the backwards-cap wearing faction!

    I’ll still back your “worst blue Mets cap ever” vote.

  2. That’s pretty funny!

    …or at least it would be if it were a novelty item and not an actual New Era product.

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