Uniwatch rocks today

Y’all should head over to Uniwatch this morning for a great discussion of the Mets logo.

It must be destiny that today is about uniforms. As the day goes on you’ll see me mention Uniwatch in almost every post, and I wrote those last night not knowing how awesome Uniwatch would be today.

I’m going to go study the article and click the links.

Unrelated, I found the most awesome Seaver thing ever. I really should save it for Saturday but I think I won’t be able to control myself. Coming up as soon as I get near a real computer.

Fan-designed Mets blue road jersey
Mets April record sorted by uniform (pretty pictures)

2 Replies to “Uniwatch rocks today”

  1. pretty good, eh? i’ve been noticing it since opening day and it’s been driving me nuts! paul did an incredible job writing it up and going through the history.

    for the record, that “wilpon script” dates as far back as the late ’90s according to my authentic jersey collection.

  2. The Wilpon script? As much as the Mets issues annoy me, this is a step too far. I mean is it THAT obvious to the casual fan let alone fanatics? No. Is it THAT problematic?? C’mon. I love bitchin’about the Mets and their cluelessness but the “M”? What a waste for the UniWatch. Granted the dude is a Mets fan but enough with the piling on. I don’t see that with any other team. The Yanks have like 4 different NY logos. What about Tampa’s constant change? Royals? Padres? The Cards have an “out of date” two tone hat. I’m still waiting for the Pirates to get over the “90’s” black scheme. After awhile I can have my fill of Mets criticism, sure I can chat it up but there comes a point to just walk away and root. I accept the hundreds of uni’s and hats. I pick the one’s I love and I’m good. The Wilpon “M”?? I’ve now heard it all.

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