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I took Saturday afternoon and night “off” from blogging – figured Media Goon’s tour would be enough to keep ‘all company… how did I relax?

Well how I escaped from obsessing about the Mets was by reading a book.

Which book?

Faith and Fear In Flushing.

Wow.   This is the book I wish I had the ability to write.  It’s just a wonderful mix of a Mets fan walking you through the history of the Mets from a personal standpoint.  (I loved the mention of the Nathan’s in Oceanside.  Is that still there?)

I know I’m like 18 months late on reading it but this is a fantastic book.  I knocked out half of it yesterday – I’m up to the 1986 season, I wonder what happens…but the walk through the late 1970’s really got to me and even thought I know it happened and I was old enough to feel the pain at the time…


It blows my bleeping mind.  Tom Seaver.   They traded Tom Seaver.

If you’re too young to have lived it I can’t explain it to you.   Maybe if you woke up today and found out the Mets had moved to Mercury and you’d never see them again….maybe.

If you wake up tomorrow and they’ve traded Wright AND Reyes to the Reds it won’t even come close.

A home grown pitcher with multiple Cy Youngs on his way to getting more Hall of Fame votes than anyone (that stat may or may not be correct)…a man whose nickname is THE FRANCHISE and they traded him.

I don’t care about Dick Young or M. Donald Grant or the rest


When they invent time machines I’m going to start my blog in December 1976.

Anyway, that’s how I relaxed….while wearing a 1983 Tom Seaver.   Kids, Tom eventually came back for one season…then in a stupid roster move….

Great book Greg.  Megaprops.   I’m going back under my rock to link to weird caps.   You shame me in your greatness.

Everyone else go relive the horror…

The Mets’ big gun Tom Seaver could not make peace with – 06.27.77 – SI Vault.

I struck out against Tom Seaver once.  Really.  I swear on a stack of bibles.  Yes THAT Tom Seaver, at Shea Stadium…that story will be my father’s day post…along with me re-living the story with Mr. Terrific years later.

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