Feeling good about the franchise these days

Long time readers of Mets Police may be noticing that I have been more positive of late.  I’m feeling good about the franchise.

The design of this blog was never to be a complaint-fest, but rather to help all strive for the ultimate Mets Fan experience….one that does not include plexiglass blocking your view, and ideally ends with a World Series championship.

A lot of things have changed for the better.  Citi Field feels like home of the Mets.   Many of the obstructed views are labelled as such (although the plexiglass still bothers me and I invite anyone doesn’t see the issue to meet me in 533 or 504 some day).

There seems to be a general air of the team engaging the fanbase, and that selfishly includes some interaction with the bloggers such as sending us the post-game notes and press releases.

I think this exchange in the comments section sums it up…I mentioned that Tejada wasn’t starting Sunday but it was possible I didn’t know something (which turned out to be Cora was .500 against Nolasco.)

Frank: That’s what I like about Mets Police…
been a Met fan for long time, follow the team everyday, but don’t know who has the best OBP or OPS or who has the best ERA in Buffalo…….what uniform are the wearing today?…and lets lose the black !

Now unfortunately I took this the wrong way but I’ll stand by what I wrote and thankfully I didn’t spit venom:

Well yeah. I’m not the manager or the gm. I’m just a fat guy in the uppers. There’s plenty of blogs with all kinds of stats. I’m a guy who saw Tejada play well yesterday. Maybe his knee hurts or maybe Cora is batting .750 against the Marlins pitcher.

My site is about bring a Mets fan.

Frank:  All I was saying is that I’m not a sabremetrics kind of guy and get somewhat intimidated at other sites that are heavy in the stats (I feel like saying…get a life).

I like the fact that uniforms and other interesting topics are discussed.

That pleases me.  As always I just write what’s on my mind and people seem to enjoy it.

During Saturday’s game I tweeted @metspolice that Mr. Met should visit the Promenade more often.   On Sunday I got this from John:

Hey shannon someones listening again .Mr Met makes a appearence on Sunday in upper prom infield around sec 520.Keep up the good work

That’s cool.   Coincidence?   Someone read it?

Anyways, that’s how I am feeling….how do you feel about the franchise these days?  I don’t mean wins and losses…are you a happy Mets fan?

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  1. I am a very happy mets fan. Sometimes the play on the field drives me insane but it seems as an organization they are starting to get that us mets fans are loyal fans but we do not like to be taken granted. It’s great that if they are reading blogs that they are taking into consideration what their fans want.

  2. Well, with less ticket sales, things like the plexi glass can be rectified by simply moving people which is a good thing. Now all they need is to get their prices across the board to more realistic levels and people will actually start to care. Ticket prices across the board for concerts and sports went up (thank you live nation/ticketmaster illegal monopoly)….ticket sales to no surprise all went down.

  3. Not to burst your bubble here, but Mr. Met always went to the Promenade. Maybe less often, who knows, I haven’t analyzied, but I’ve seen him up there plenty this year.

    I imagine most of the section choices are random, and you just happened to be there on a badluck day. I’ve heard people say they never shoot the t-shirts into the promenade, but I’ve seen plenty of that too.

      1. the tshirts are lower deck biased, but I think gravity is to blame for that more than the specific shooters. I feel like it’d be a badge of pride for them to see how far up they could get it.

        you gonna be at Citi Wednesday?

  4. i’d feel a lot better about the franchise if they didn’t rip off their customers with the outrageous ticket pricing.the top seat in philly is $60.the top seat in citifield is $460.WHY??the phillies have a new park, big payroll yet find a way to treat the fans fairly.the wilpons are a bunch of ripoff artists and i will celebrate the day they sell the team

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