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I hate Greg Prince from Faith and Fear.  He is a jerkyface.

Why do I hate this man?

I went the whole day yesterday shaking fists of rage “HOW COULD YOU TRADE TOM SEAVER?”

I have been mentioning the Seaver Trade a lot lately.  It’s not like I didn’t know the Mets traded Seaver it’s just that over Memorial Day weekend I read Greg’s rotten lousy Faith & Fear in Flushing book which is so well written it brought back all the darn emotions.

Tom Seaver?!!! You fools!

Anyway I woke up today only to see this in my inbox.  In torturous fashion Greg walks us through HOW THE METS LET SEAVER GO AGAIN AFTER 1983.

Just to explain it to you kids…slowly….

Tom Seaver is born.

Tom Seaver leads the stupid 120 loss Mets to a World Series in their 7th season.

Tom Seaver gets traded.

The Mets suck for years.

Tom Seaver somehow comes back and I sit there Opening Day 1983 ready to cry.  Tom Seaver.  Back.

And then they make a dumb roster move and the White Sox steal Tom away.

Who did they protect to keep Seaver?  Oh, I’m not giving the ending away…go read this…I’m gonna go punch a Twins poster.

If I don’t kill someone make sure you come back on Sunday and I’ll tell you about the time Tom Seaver struck me out.  True story.
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