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I’m really bothered that Mets fans have not decided to support our heroes on Sunday.  This game needs to be sold out.

I understand if you are mad at the franchise, Jeff, Dave Howard, plexiglass, Omar, Ollie, collapses, whatever….I get it.

This isn’t about any of that.

This is about everything we talk about here on the site.

All our collective bitching.   All our romancing about Casey and Seaver and Mazzilli and Gooden and Piazza and Wright.

The King of England has agreed to meet us at the Tea Party and you guys have decided that you don’t really mind paying tax on tea after all.

You mean to tell me that there aren’t 45,000 Mets fans in the tri-state area who care about our 1986 heroes?

You’re going to let Dave Howard be RIGHT that nobody cares about team history?

Well then shut the hell up that there wasn’t enough Mets stuff in Citi Field.  If you don’t care why the hell should the Wilpons?   They might as well have Justin Bieber Day and sell out the place.

This is absolutely outrageous.  It’s not the Wilpons that suck, it’s the Mets “fans.”

I know money is tight.   Pack a sandwich, take the 7, and the Mets will let you bring in a bottled water.

I know $63 bucks is a lot for two tickets (after fees) – don’t worry I’ll kill them on that….but you have to show up for this.   This isn’t about Jeff and Fred, it’s about Doc and Darryl.

Now go buy tickets!

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