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I was there today.

I was hoping to do a long post about how great today was but there are a few problems.

Problem number 1: today wasn’t great. The 1986 team showed up but the 2010 team did.

Problem number 2: my trusty laptop caught a real deal virus so I need to get that fixed before I can process multimedia files. I hope to post some video before bedtime. In the mean time I have text capability so I will just write.

Lets start with the good. A nice ceremony. I’m glad I got to cheer Frank Cashen because I don’t know how often he’ll becoming around in the future.

Davey was great, and thanked radio callers for telling him how to manage. Don’t forget that sports talk was a new concept in 1986. Back then there was a young guy named Howie Rose who used to tick the ownership off in the post-game. One year there was even a rule that Howie couldn’t come on until half an hour after the game. Really.

Doc looks good. He made light of how big his family is as he took his time to introduce his children.

Darryl seems like a leader. Mature. Comfortable in his own shoes. Would love to see him at Wally’s side come April.

It was good to see Buddy get a hand.

I missed Seaver. Tom, you gotta be at these. (Rusty has nothing to do with 1986 either but he was there.)

I think the 2010 season is gone. Maybe if they go 6-0 against Atlanta and Philly I will believe again but tonight the Mets are one game over .500. Another wasted season. We can be mad about that tomorrow. Tonight something else is bugging me.

35,014 was a lousy crowd. I’m sick of arguing about the price of tickets on this one. Much like Seaver, you shoulda been there.

Now that today is over you can go ahead and take out your frustrations on the franchise. Don’t show up if you don’t want to or if tickets cost too much.

Now you can take it out on the 2010 Mets, the 2011 Mets or the Mercury Mets. You shouldn’t have taken it out on the 1986 Mets.

Shut up about team history, traditions, Banner Day or most of all Old Timer’s Day. Gone. Forever. There’s no reason for Dave Howard to bring them back, and what a crappy time you guys took to “show the Wilpons” – on the eve of the 50th season you showed it’s just not important to you.

I’m one of the 35,014. I’m glad I was there. I’m mad at the rest of you. I know this post will make some of you mad at me. Thats ok. I always speak my mind. This time it’s not Dave Howard that I am mad at.

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