Kerel from OnTheBlack ordered me to confess my sins:

Tonight, as I have done for the past few weeks I ignored the Mets game.  I do other things like watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is what I am doing now.

I jumped on twitter and saw that all the cool kids were buzzing about Dillon Gee’s no-hitter.

So I put the game on.

One pitch.  Home run.

I am the jinx.  It all makes sense now.

If the Mets give me one million dollars I will stop watching their games and watch lots of Phillies and Braves games next season.  You will need to handle the Marlins and Nats on your own.

Most of the Mets visited Walter Reed hospital but guess who skipped
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  1. It really is amazing when you think about it that the Mets can’t get at least one no hitter. And to think about all the pitchers who were Mets that went on to throw no hitters for other teams.

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