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The Mets paid attendance last night was 24,384.

First some perspective from Paul:

Before anybody even thinks about griping about the Mets attendance tonight:

12,061 in Cincinnati
18,647 in Atlanta

Now some opinion from Walt the @formerdirtdart

Some time during the last road-trip, and the end of the first game of this home-stand, Mets/MLB adjusted the Mets attendance numbers.

The June 10th second game (Gm2 of Day-Night Doubleheader/split ticket dates) attendance was reduced from 28,072 to 14,733 (-13,339). This was a make-up game for the rain-out of the June 9th game. It was also Niese’s One-Hitter.

I only discovered the adjustment because I verify my total attendance numbers off of’s season attendance numbers, and after the Phillies game Friday my numbers weren’t matching. Whis surprised me since my numbers matched ESPN’s total attendance numbers when I sent you the original email of this reply at the end of August.

So, with this modification, and the recent games of this home-stand (including the massive 24K that showed for the first Pirates game) the season total attendance projection have dropped over 26,000.

Given this drop, I do not believe it is possible that the Mets will break 2.6 Million for the season.

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