Playoffs Outsider: Enjoying watching Yankees fans panic

I love Yankees fans.   They are so so so quick to panic.

Mets fans, we know that the worst will happen.  We know our heroes will be injured, or choke in the last game, or that if we ever successfully pull together a post-season team that fate will pull that team apart (sometimes as quickly as the next morning’s parade).

The next GM will be the wrong hire.  He’ll look good at first but when the Mets finish 4th in 2014 while the Yankees run off another division we’ll know The Wilpons blew it.

Oh these Yankees fans.  Some days Joe Girardi is a better manager than Joe Torre ever was, and then 24 hours go by and the Mike Lupicas of the world can’t wait to second guess not starting Pettitte in Game 2.  Sure Hughes had a great ALDS but now Joe is an idiot.

I’ll have to check in with my Yankees friend Mr. Sunshine to see how pyscho he is, but knowing him he’s throwing a ball against the wall and muttering the word “stupid” over and over.

So spoiled these Yankees fans.   Sunshine even has traditions.  It’s a birthright that he gets to watch baseball in October.   Losers like me and you, we get to see the Mets in the cold about once a decade.

Remember that last World Series – the one 10 years ago – the one we didn’t even get to enjoy to ourselves?  The one that was clinched at Shea Stadium?

I don’t know from postseason tradition.  My postseason tradition is falling asleep during games that I only half care about.

Junior showed up again for Game 2 of the ALCS and watched the entire thing with me on DVR-delay (we ain’t giving up a Saturday afternoon for this stuff.)   Baseball goes much better when you can zip through commercials, pitching changes, and the last three innings when it is obvious the Rangers are going to win.

The NLCS?  I don’t care.   It’s about as interesting to me as Colts-Redskins will be tonight.  No interest.

Sunshine probably has tickets for tomorrow night (he is a master of Yankees ticket lotteries and laughs at Stadium Insider’s inability to ever win the draw).  I expect he’ll be cranky for the next 24 hours or so and then go into pre-game mode around 11am which has something to do with drinking 40’s in a parking lot or something.   I don’t understand these Yankees fans and their October rituals.

The sky is falling.

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