Would Alderson Move The Fences In?

If he becomes the Mets GM, would Sandy Alderson move the fences in at CitiField?

This is pure speculation on my part, but on Sunday Adam Rubin reprinted portions of a June 2008 interview conducted with Alderson by a Padres blog Ducksnorts.  Honor among bloggers dictates that I direct you to the full article which you can find here (and I highly recommend you check out)

In the interview, Alderson states a clear preference for home runs and for the Earl Weaver philosophy (of believing in the 3-run home run) as opposed to small ball.

CitiField is built for small ball, not for the long ball.  If the Wilpons (and Saul Katz) hire Alderson they are going to give him free reign (you don’t hire someone of Alderson’s stature without giving him that).  Would that include altering the configuration of the ballpark?

Again – for more check out Adam Rubin at ESPNNewYork

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3 Replies to “Would Alderson Move The Fences In?”

  1. I have a hard time beleiving that as the CEO of the Padres that he wouldnt have had the power to move the fences in at Petco, something as far as i know has never really been discussed. He very well may want to move the fences in at Citi, but his previous lack of action in this area in the cavernous Petco, suggests it’s no slam dunk…

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