Words I want to hear from Sandy

Championship. Win and “World Series” in one sentence.

If it is going to take a year or two, fine. Just tell us.

Change the culture Sandy. Lets add some pride, some tradition, and a Mets Way of doing things that isn’t associated with Inspector Clouseau.

Pick the right manager, one who can be here for 10 years. If It is a boring pick, fine. I’m trusting you man.

It has been 24 years since I watched the Mets win. I can wait two more if you need me to, but get us to the finish line then go out and do it again.

Don’t talk to me about “competitive” or even “winning.”

I don’t need meaningful games in September or even early October. I need to be at Citi Field on October 20-something.

I don’t trust this commissioner who has diluted the game I fell in love with. He says you’re the guy. Alrighty, I’m in. Don’t let me down.

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3 Replies to “Words I want to hear from Sandy”

  1. It took a guy like Cashen 4 or 5 years!

    The question is are you willing to wait that long?

    I’m glad we got a great GM. I think he is the right choice.
    We got what we wanted here in Bloggerland but are you guys now prepared to stay the course and give him the time that is needed to rebuild the franchise?

    Or are you all going to go back to headhunting the FO because you haven’t won anything in 20+ years and you want immediate gratification now despite the fact that trying to appease that immediate gratification is what screwed the franchise up in the first place?

    1. This team is very capable of winning, right now, and if Alderson can’t provide that, he’s the wrong guy.

      This isn’t an improvement yet. Only players, and subsequently winning, will do that. make the right moves.

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