Mazzilli for Mets manager still out there?

Good morning Mets fans,

To my surprise I continue to see Lee Mazzilli on the meaningless speculation lists. Adam Rubin has Lee on his, I believe Joel Sherman does not. The only list that matters is Sandy’s, but it looks like Sandy is setting himself up to catch fan grief from the get go.

Now, Sandy should be thinking long term and not listening to fat guys typing on a bus but when “Bob Melvin” or “Ken Oberkfell” gets announced, be ready for a flurry of cranky Mets fans.


I guess it goes back to Bonds, but I always associate the Giants with “gold” tickets. I don’t suppose I can convince the Mets to stop with that system.

I also was thinking about my Saturday seats and how I’d rather not get stuck with 5 Tuesdays. The smart thing in that case would to be to drop from 15 to zero, and then buy on the cheap from Stubhub suckers. Please, for your sake and mine just sell “Saturday plans” that only take place on Saturday. You already lost an entire generation to the Bronx, don’t lose another.


Do you think Jeff or Dave or even Uncle Saul sat down to watch the World Series (assuming they don’t have Cablevision) and noticed how sharp the Giants uniforms look? The font is fantastic (Mets script at home is nice but our road font is great), there is no clutter and fans seem able to identify the players without a name on the back.

Take the stupid dropshadow off the pinless, take the names off too and there could be something nice looking in Queens.

Let’s combine everything: imagine Lee Mazzilli’s Mets win the World Series while dressed nicely? There would be nothing to write about and I could go back to watching Star Trek reruns. No more blogging! Some day….

Hey Dave, when we catching that game?

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Go Formerlys!

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