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UPDATED: if you are a regular reader, new content follows below this post. This one is drawing lots of attention so I want to leave it up top.

The screengrabs are from at around 9am Tuesday.

UPDATED 8:25pm:  The links in this post have been deactivated by   This morning they brought you to the dates listed according to each type of game marquee/value etc.

Thanks to Peter and Robert for immediately sending this in.

The Mets have released ticket prices and…well…it’s more confusing than ever.

The pricing scheme features row differentials (that’s new right?) and different classifications.

The “Marquee” dates (where it will cost you $45 to sit in Prom Res Infield) are Opening Day and Yankee games.

There are 22 Premium Games…at first glance looks like Fri/Sat/Sun.

25 Classic Dates seems to be a mix of NL East teams and random Fri/Sat/Sun games

The Value Games are the rest of the weekday leftovers, although you can see the World Champion Formerlys.

I have to digest this before I can comment but at first glance it seems absurd and expensive and I am finding myself angry.

Click the below to see the deal…or lack thereof:

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