Willets Point redevelopment

This video tells us about some business being relocated out of Willets Point.  i would embed the video but the cable network in question hasn’t joined the 21st century.

Media Goon had some ideas:  dave and busters? new mall? some hotels? new arena for the islanders? convention center?

Well Goon, I think the world has enough malls.  I think hotels might do well (nearby airport, subway line).  Islanders, I dunno…what about Suffolk fans?  Convention Center to compete against Javits?  Dunno either.

A Dave & Busters, some hotels, some mixed use residential (build an actual neighborhood) and some food/drink places could be nice.

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5 Replies to “Willets Point redevelopment”

  1. I thought there was already a proposal in place that included both a school and a convention center.

    I like the idea of the Islanders there, but then, I’m a Jersey Islanders fan. But still, you stay on Northern state/GCP an extra 10 miles. big whoop. Nassau Colliseum is a disaster, and the town is shooting down all reasonable proposals to make that area cool.

  2. Whatever they put up, it would be nice if the development made the area around Citi Field more like the Wrigleyville neighborhood around Wrigley Field in Chicago.

  3. The area around Fenway is pretty awesome with a bunch of bars to handle the crowd for before and after the game. Around Camden Yards is a pretty good area as well with bars and the Baltimore Sports museum.

    One of the things that I miss from Shea is the fanfest that was outside. Having the option of bringing my niece before the game for some fun baseball activities would be a great addition to the area.

  4. The town really isn’t making it difficult to make the Nassau Coliseum area cool, they just don’t want to do it for free with an owner who has shown that he is unwilling to actually put a solid product on the ice. Talk to me when they max out their cap each year. Wang is in it for the development, nothing else and he wants it on the cheap at that.

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