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I don’t feel like I have done all my homework about the story about the Islanders blogger losing his credentials and it probably makes more sense to address it at my still-in-beta (that means ‘baby steps’) new blog Sports Police, yet since a few people asked me to weigh in I shall.

I don’t know much about Botta’s blog nor do I know much about the day-in day-out in Nassau. I also have never tried interacting with the Islanders.

I think it’s cool the Islanders have a bloggers box. I think we will see more and more teams have blogger boxes and/or blogger events.

I assume you read my blog because you find it some interesting mix of information/snark/commentary/community. It’s not what a beat reporter does nor should it be.

The Mets invited several bloggers to three or four events in 2010. I believe there will be more. They invited the same group to a conference call with David Howard. Very cool. I won’t be surprised if they invite us to another call with the new manager.

Do I feel entitled to any of that? Nope. Will I be mad if such a call doesn’t happen? Nope. I’m just a fan who types a lot.

If the Mets credentialed me I don’t even know what I’d do: Ask David Wright which cap he likes (while the beat writers death stare me)?

A bloggers box? Might make sense for events like Mets HOF day.

I’m thrilled to think Dave Howard will do a game with me. I assume I will come away liking the man and hopefully he will like me. Must he change his business plans because we watched a game? Of course not. Likewise, we might become best friends but I will still define obstructed differently. (and I do want to pay for the tickets. This is not about trying to get freebies.)

From what I have seen of the team I feel I know best I would have a hard time imagining the Mets getting mad at a blogger’s opinion. I have been one of the more critical bloggers, yet the organization invited me in and found in real life I am not kooky. Some things I like, sometimes I use words like dopey. I can already tell you what my “Bob Melvin Article” will be. It will be short. Nobody’s asking punches to be pulled.

I don’t know what’s going on in the Coliseum. In Flushing, I think things are only getting better.

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