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I got a letter…


I wanted to bring to your attention a Mets-ticket related issue that has really bothered me over the last few years that you may or may not be aware of. Currently, the Mets charge a fee  per ticket for a season ticket holder to electronically forward a PDF of their ticket to a 3rd party. As a former Mets season ticket holder (and as a former Rangers and current Jets and Knicks season ticket holder), I often find myself in a position where I am going to a game with a friend (or even one my season ticket partners) but we are travelling separately. Thus, using the physical hard tickets can be inconvenient because then we all need to wait for everyone to arrive before entering. The electronic forwarding system has been an extremely efficient and helpful addition to my season ticket subscription life…

…except when I have to pay for it…. the notion of having to pay a fee to email tickets that I already own and have paid for is absurd. And it’s not like it costs the Mets anything to process the transfer. It’s an email.

The reason why I bring this to your attention is because it strikes me as precisely the type of thing that with proper media attention could actually effect a change in policy. The new regime has spoken on and on about a new culture and a new relationship with the fan base, so let’s see some of that in action. End the pettiness!


Having never used this service myself I thought I should poke around.  The information below was on yesterday morning as I ate my bagels.

Once you sign in as an eligible Account Holder, click the “My Account” link at the top of the page, and then click the “Ticket Transfers” button.

You have the option to transfer all or some of your tickets for any one game in a transaction.

You have the option to pay the $4 transaction fee or have the Recipient pay for the transaction fee.

The Ticket Transfer Recipient has 48 hours to accept or reject the transfer invitation. In either case, you will receive an e-mail advising of the Recipient’s decision. If no action is taken by the Recipient within 48 hours, the transfer invitation will automatically be cancelled and you and the Recipient will receive an e-mail advising of the transfer cancellation.

Once your ticket transfer has been accepted by the Recipient, the barcodes on your original tickets will be deactivated, so they will not be accepted for admission. Do not discard your tickets until you receive an e-mail acknowledgement that the Recipient has accepted the transfer.

You may cancel a transfer within the 48 hour window only if the Recipient has not yet acted on the invitation. To cancel a pending invitation, click the “My Account” and “View/Cancel Pending Transfer” links upon signing in.

A Ticket Transfer transaction becomes final once the Recipient accepts the transfer. No cancellations or refunds will be made following the Ticket Transfer acceptance.

Ticket Transfers must be initiated and accepted by game time.

Hmmm, so if I understand correctly – if I wanted to transfer my two tickets to Media Goon it would cost us $8. ($4 per ticket). –   updated: readers suggest it its one $4 fee for up to 4 tix.

That does seem like a lot of money for a barcode generation.

I poked around the Yankees and found this link which suggests a $2 fee in the Bronx  (a number confirmed by Stadium Insider) – although it’s possible I found an outdated website.

The football teams offer some sort of ticket forwarding but I couldn’t determine the price.

Then there are the Knicks.

Be an MVP to your friends, family or clients. Simply e-mail them your tickets from “MY KNICKS ACCOUNT MANAGER”. It’s the easiest way to share your tickets. It’s available up to one hour before game time. And it’s free.

The Knicks know something.  They have some magic technology which allows free ticket transfer.  Have they monetized it with an advertisement?

I’ll be half-way reasonable.   Perhaps a small fee is needed.  A human must work in the IT office that keeps the computer working.   He makes a salary, benefits, takes up some real estate somewhere, uses lighting and heat.  I could understand the fee covering the cost of the IT guy…..but $4 a ticket?

Seems high to me.

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