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Good Morning Mets fans,

It’s time to hand out The Mazzillis for 2010.  In no particular order:

Mets Player of the Year: RA Dickey.  Never before has 11 wins seemed so strong (well actually Terry Leach’s 11-1 in 1987 did but only Greg from Faith & Fear and I recall that).   One day a week Mets fans felt halfway confident.

You Own This Jersey Award: Sidd Finch in blue, actually being worn.  Honorable mention:  Mercury Mets Mike Piazza

Blog of the Year: The Apple.  Hands down winner.  Make it a favorite if you haven’t already.

Best Writer: Greg Price from Faith & Fear.   If you like my choppy sentences imagine if they were full essays.

Best Photos: Michael Baron from I will make Media Goon mad by not nominating him but until the Goon fills in for Cerrone I know where my bread is buttered.

Blog-post of the year: Goes to Mets Police.  A tip leads to a post about an incorrect fanbrick at Citi Field (saying Sid Fernandez “earned the win” which led to a New York Times article and then a quick replacement brick by the Mets.

Fool me 16 times award: Doc Gooden.   No more chances.  Learn from…

Image makeover of the year: Darryl Strawberry, owner of local restaurant and a man who has found himself.

Mets Moment of the Year: When the 16 year old girl called play by play of David Wright’s home run.  The clip seems to have been de-embedded by SNY but “Touch ’em all David, you deserve it” is better than any call John Sterling has ever made.

Slogan of the Year: You Deserve It was on its way until Man Up And Play Better came along.

Best Tom Seaver related post: Tom Seaver for Sears

Civilian of the Year: Carlos Pena, the man who told K-Rod to Man Up and Play Better.

Mets Executive of the Year: Danielle Parillo for inviting the bloggers to dinner and to a few phone calls.

Best First Impression: Sandy Alderson

Most Powerful Man In The Blogosphere: Thanks to Matt Cerrone for the links that move mountains, and for steering people toward Mets Police in the first place

Best Donut: Toasted Coconut from Unnamed Donuts Chain.  So good that I ignore that I must be allergic (makes me itch).

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