The 2010 Mets Police Awards

Good Morning Mets fans,

It’s time to hand out The Mazzillis for 2010.  In no particular order:

Mets Player of the Year: RA Dickey.  Never before has 11 wins seemed so strong (well actually Terry Leach’s 11-1 in 1987 did but only Greg from Faith & Fear and I recall that).   One day a week Mets fans felt halfway confident.

You Own This Jersey Award: Sidd Finch in blue, actually being worn.  Honorable mention:  Mercury Mets Mike Piazza

Blog of the Year: The Apple.  Hands down winner.  Make it a favorite if you haven’t already.

Best Writer: Greg Price from Faith & Fear.   If you like my choppy sentences imagine if they were full essays.

Best Photos: Michael Baron from I will make Media Goon mad by not nominating him but until the Goon fills in for Cerrone I know where my bread is buttered.

Blog-post of the year: Goes to Mets Police.  A tip leads to a post about an incorrect fanbrick at Citi Field (saying Sid Fernandez “earned the win” which led to a New York Times article and then a quick replacement brick by the Mets.

Fool me 16 times award: Doc Gooden.   No more chances.  Learn from…

Image makeover of the year: Darryl Strawberry, owner of local restaurant and a man who has found himself.

Mets Moment of the Year: When the 16 year old girl called play by play of David Wright’s home run.  The clip seems to have been de-embedded by SNY but “Touch ’em all David, you deserve it” is better than any call John Sterling has ever made.

Slogan of the Year: You Deserve It was on its way until Man Up And Play Better came along.

Best Tom Seaver related post: Tom Seaver for Sears

Civilian of the Year: Carlos Pena, the man who told K-Rod to Man Up and Play Better.

Mets Executive of the Year: Danielle Parillo for inviting the bloggers to dinner and to a few phone calls.

Best First Impression: Sandy Alderson

Most Powerful Man In The Blogosphere: Thanks to Matt Cerrone for the links that move mountains, and for steering people toward Mets Police in the first place

Best Donut: Toasted Coconut from Unnamed Donuts Chain.  So good that I ignore that I must be allergic (makes me itch).

A vote for Hernandez, Olerud (via ESPN New York)
Larry Brooks says Citi Winter Classic won't happen

3 Replies to “The 2010 Mets Police Awards”

  1. Didn’t Leach also go 7-0 to start 1988 or am I merging the seasons in my memory?

    The wife got me _Faith and Fear_ (the book) for Christmas. The names and places change, but the fan experience he chronicles could be my own (and I’d wager everyone else’s for that matter). I’m more a skimmer and browser when I’m on the internet, putting the “choppiness” of Mets Police more up my alley than Prince’s blog, but I find myself not looking up from that book 50-60 pages at a time.

  2. Mets Police has done more for “chop” than the Braves ever did. Thanks for the cap tip, consider it tipped right back.

    Thanks to Sparks and his wife, too. We all have an intense personal history of the Mets and it was a privilege to be able to shine a light on the common ground we all share.

  3. I’m with you! Not only do I remember Terry’s 11-1 in ’87, but I remember where I was when he lost that one game: On our annual vacation to visit my uncle in Maine. Believe it or not, we could get WFAN up there at night, so I would fall asleep listening to games and/or the postgame. But because Leach’s loss was at Wrigley Field in the year before they put in lights, it was a day game and I couldn’t listen. I either found out later that night when I could tune in WFAN, or the next day in the newspaper.

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