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Down at fantasy camp, Wally talks about how the Mets shouldn’t worry about the Yankees, and Tim Teufel and Ed Charles also comment – the ear catching quote goes to Ed Kranepool who didn’t pick his words carefully.

Like Mets fans, Kranepool said he only watches the team if they are winning.”I only watch a good product,” Kranepool said. “If they are winning, I will watch, and if not, I turn the station and root for someone else.”I am a Met true and true. I am the only guy who played his whole career with the Mets, Ive got the longest time, longevity-wise … but I still want to see a good ball club.”

via Mets must focus on success, not New Yorkers ┬╗

I’m gonna guess is that he’s like me and will watch Burn Notice if the Mets are 27 games out in September, or that I “rooted” for the Giants in the World Series. ┬áProbably coulda been better phrased.

I still have an itch to go to Spring Training but all my friends are old and fuddy-duddies.  Nobody has coin or will take a day off from work.

What has happened to us?

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