Kranepool will “root for someone else” when Mets suck

Down at fantasy camp, Wally talks about how the Mets shouldn’t worry about the Yankees, and Tim Teufel and Ed Charles also comment – the ear catching quote goes to Ed Kranepool who didn’t pick his words carefully.

Like Mets fans, Kranepool said he only watches the team if they are winning.”I only watch a good product,” Kranepool said. “If they are winning, I will watch, and if not, I turn the station and root for someone else.”I am a Met true and true. I am the only guy who played his whole career with the Mets, Ive got the longest time, longevity-wise … but I still want to see a good ball club.”

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I’m gonna guess is that he’s like me and will watch Burn Notice if the Mets are 27 games out in September, or that I “rooted” for the Giants in the World Series. ┬áProbably coulda been better phrased.

I still have an itch to go to Spring Training but all my friends are old and fuddy-duddies.  Nobody has coin or will take a day off from work.

What has happened to us?

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5 Replies to “Kranepool will “root for someone else” when Mets suck”

  1. I’m insane, going from Orlando and Harry Potter to Fort Myers to see the Mets Irishly take on the Red Sox, then up to Port St. Lucie for two Mets games there.

  2. 30 days till “Pitchers and Catchers Report!”….Since we are so good this year we are repoting 3 days later!

    COME ON DOWN SHANNON!….Spring Training is the only time the Mets are tied for first and everybody has hope!…Then the season starts and they have to play and ruin it!

    I just hope they are not 27 Games out in May!!!

      1. Great for autographs, and foul balls and all that. games are cheaper! you can wander around the backfields before the game and watch them do infield drills! They’ll have art of all the players in the park! They’ve got taco’s in a helmet!

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