Notes from Mets Bloggers Strategic Partnership meeting

I had fun last night at the Optimistic Black Apple Mets Blogger’s Winter Conference Strategic Partnership night out having beer.  In attendance were Kerel from On The Black (voted “Best Looking”), Randy from Read The Apple and Optimistic Mets Fan Ceetar.

I’m trying to remember what we talked about for 4 hours before mercifully one of the wives sent a text and made us break up the night.

We definitely talked about forming a Strategic Investment Partnership so feel free to randomly publish that in your newspaper along with every other random person who wants their name out there.  (@MediaGoon is reporting that I hope to meet with Seinfeld and Vince McMahon, and that Lee Mazzilli is expected to be part of the group.)

Ah, Lee Mazzilli.  Yep his name came up.  It was interesting to me to watch Randy and Ceetar wax poetic about bad teams from the 90’s the way I do about the 70’s.  We all fell in love with our first bunch of Mets.

It reminds me I am old.  Good thing Greg from Faith and Fear reads this thing otherwise most of my references must get lost on the crowd.

Lots of RA Dickey chat.  Some Alfonzo.  Some blogger nerd talk (who does your hosting?).  Some nerd nerd talk when I mentioned Deep Space Nine.  Uniform jokes of course.

Randy’s going to try to throw me under the bus for wearing my Player’s Choice Murphy jersey because it has black lettering – and my pseudo-matching Irish Mets cap is a deep blue not black thank you – but this was a deliberate maneuver by me.

1.  A non-controversy controversy “Oooh Shannon had black lettering” only helps to promote my site.

2.  I know that Murphy is going to once again be a fan favorite come June, so I am wearing the Murph loud and proud so I can thumb my nose at y’all later this summer with my cool jersey. As previously announced this will be my Opening Day wear.

This was just four friends hanging out.  We hope to do it again and I don’t think it’s a private event so if you’re a blogger whose nose is out of joint because some fat guy in a green jersey called it a “Conference” – chill out.


Goal for today is to work on more of Episode 4 of How I Met The Mets (9/28/08) which is coming out great.  I will post the teaser for Episode 2 (4/19/84 – look it up) tomorrow.  Starting with episode 3 I stretched it out a bit, and then with the 4th one it actually comes back after the credits and there’s more narrative.  I’m doing the best I can given my lack of skills and assets.  But if SNY were to grab the idea…

King of Piazza is extended until Wednesday since the last two days were all about finances.  More silly posts later this morning, but right now I have to go do some Actual Exercise and work off the conference.

Mock of 2013 Mets All Star Game logo
Call me when Ed Kranepool owns the team

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  1. Chief, I remember the 70s and so you can feel better that your references are not just understood by the guys at Faith & Fear. I put John Milner & Skip Lockwood in my top 50 Mets. I was there on that faithful day when The Stork & Don Hahn got a lot closer to eacher than they ever thought they would, so…

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