Mets BP jerseys $30 cheaper at Modell’s vs. MLB Shop

The 2011 BP jerseys are on sale. MLB Shop has them for $129…but Modell’s has them for $99. Although I don’t like black, these looked good in person over the weekend.

Note the Modell’s site says “leaves warehouse in 3-4 weeks.”  Way to plan for the spring.

In other MLB Shop news – today they aren’t offering me the “top sellers” option. Is it coming up for anyone else?  Did something draw attention to that option?  Is there a conspiracy against blue caps?


3 Replies to “Mets BP jerseys $30 cheaper at Modell’s vs. MLB Shop”

  1. Like I have said before, I think the blue BP jerseys should be the alternate jersey, since the mets want to make money. The black jersey should be the BP jersey

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