How I Met The Mets: 1986 (complete episode)

Clocking in at nearly 9 minutes here is the finished version of “1986.”

As with the other episodes this is a proof of concept made by a fat guy using an iphone and youtube clips.  Yes I kinda glossed over the season, the playoffs and Game 7.  I try to keep my production time limited to two hours.  In theory, as a proper SNY series there would be access to additional clips and players.

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5 Replies to “How I Met The Mets: 1986 (complete episode)”

  1. Cool idea. Good luck with it.

    You might wanna shop it to MLB Network first. SNY has very limited access to ’86 footage. Last I heard, they needed to license it from MLB and they aren’t/weren’t/probably won’t be able/keen to do it.

    That was back in 2008, before Madoff was in prison.

    1. good suggestion. I don’t know if I’m really “shopping it.” I more want to watch it than its an attempt to get rich. But whatever gets it made.

      1. I wasn’t really suggesting you were trying to get rich. I’d like to see it too. SNY is probably a dead end since they don’t take on original programming unless you buy air time.

  2. Nice work. Better than the crap that was on MSG last week. And nice use of vintage videos. A couple that I hadn’t seen before. If this were a real series, this episode would be part of sweeps week.

    1. Thanks! It it were a real series it could have been 4 parts long…I kinda skipped the actual season, the NLCS (especially game 6) and the other 6 games of the World Series.

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