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Hi Mets fans,

The villains are gone now so you can put down your pitchforks.

Yesterday on twitter we all kind of discussed who the next booing victim might be, but then late in the day it dawned on me….now stay with me Mets fans….this is radical….


Think about it.  Sandy hasn’t done anything wrong.  Terry hasn’t done anything wrong.

The guy on the mound won 15 last year.  The first baseman is a fan favorite.

The second baseman isn’t named Luis…or maybe he is…but whoever it is, it’s not that Luis.

The shortstop should be cheered loud and long if you have any hope of seeing him in blue and orange for the 50th anniversary

The third baseman caught some crap last year but how about we remember that he’s going to wind up behind only Seaver in the Mets pantheon and will be the dominant offensive player in every category in team history before he’s done.

Oh yeah, all those guys are home grown.

The left fielder – let’s cut him some slack before we boo him back to Pittsburgh or Boston or Canada, ok?

The center fielder – we all like him don’t we?

The right fielder – let’s stop blaming him for everything and remember that he’s playing through an injury in a contract year so it’s not like he’s a slacker.

Behind the plate – how could you hate on those guys?

You gonna boo Dickey?  Could Niese earn your wrath?  Could the other two possibly let you down?

You gonna hate on Mookie or Hale or Warthen?

There’s one man in the bullpen who possibly, nay probably deserves it after how last year ended – but I’m going to ask you to grant him amnesty.  You don’t have to boo, but you don’t have to cheer either.  Let’s express our sadness at his behavior with silence not boos.

Sandy is working hard to change the culture on the field.  Today I ask you to join me in changing the culture in the stands.

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