Terry Collins and the Mets bloggers conference call

Mets Blog has a summary of tonight’s conference call with the Mets bloggers. Please give them some hits since it’s a lot of work to transcribe.

I found Terry to be more “no nonsense” than Sandy is…totally subjective and based upon speaking to Sandy twice and Terry once…but that limited sample makes me think Sandy’d throw back a root beer with me but Terry has stuff to get back to and needs to get this done so he can back to business.

I asked about managing a season vs. a game.  I observed that some managers will chase a loss, and go through a bullpen when on the wrong side of 6-2…(Willie, cough)…whereas other managers will use one set of guys for a win, and another set in a losing situation.

I was quite pleased with Terry’s response.  Both my Q  and the A were longer than this summary, but as I have mentioned – it’s hard transcribing ths stuff and props to Michael Baron for doing this.

Shannon Shark: Managing a season vs. a game – how do you approach the bullpen over the course of the season?

I learned from Walter Alston – he told me don’t be afraid to get beat every once in a while, instead of burning the bullpen out in a game you can’t win. I think you need to read your bullpen enough to know who is rested and can give multiple innings on a given night.

I hope Willie Randolph reads that part in bold.

When/If a longer version of the transcript pops up hopefully we can share the full exchange…but I was pleased enough with the response that I signed off with “I’m gonna love you.”  Terry’s not looking to have root beer with me.

Had I needed a backup question (it’s smart to prepare one in case something has been answered before your turn) I would have asked something about how getting fired can make a person stronger.  Metsgrrl did…

Caryn Rose: Some players have described you as a “players manager”. How do you feel about that, and what does that mean to you?

I think it means a lot – in the past, I was probably not a players manager. Through the years, I have realized the importance of constant communication, and never taking anything for granted. That is done with experience – from my first few years, I was worried about only managing the game, and thinking everyone was on board with it. I look at it as a compliment.

Great self-awareness, and a great answer.

I’m excited.

Thanks once again to the NYM’s for setting this up and for inviting me.

With that, I’m on the road now.  Media Goon is in charge of the beat and can be reached at mediagoon@gmail.com and @mediagoon on twitter.  I’ll be checking in, but will be keeping an abnormal-for-me posting schedule.  I have a few things lined up but not toomany since it’s Opening Day.  Expect some really late night posts and some “bored at the airport” twitter chats.


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