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OK Fred, I am calling you out.

Jackie Robinson.  Great man.  Changed the game.  Changed America.  I get it.

Pee Wee Reese….we’re starting to stretch things a bit…Brooklyn team captain, Brooklyn Hall of Famer ..ok maybe (but why no Mel Ott jerseys then?)

But this…

How do you defend this? Sandy Koufax was 6 and 10 in Brooklyn. Six and ten.

Where’s the Willie Mays jersey?  Didn’t he play part of his career in NYC?  Win a World Series? He even has Mets ties.

If the defense is “it sells” then where are the Jeter jerseys?  Why not sell a top-seller?

If the defense is a defunct team – why not sell some Gary Carter Expos wear?  Or some Staubs?

Fred – if you want to stop fat guys from writing that you’ve built a shrine to the Dodgers then you need to think this stuff through.  Yes the Mets have done a lot to add team history to Citi Field…but you ened to think this Dodgers stuff through, or at least spend $300 on three Willie Mays jerseys and put them next to the Koufax’s even if they never sell.

Also – did the Brooklyns have names on the back?  When I see a “Robinson 42” I laugh – isn’t the whole point of retiring #42 to remind us who wore the number?

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