Mets Loss and Ojeda Goes Off

Anyone else expecting Colactus to cause something to explode like in this pic?

The Mets lost seven straight games now.I can see Citi Field is becoming a ghost town. I am still hoping that something breaks for the Mets and they can turn this around. I am not expecting a winning season just play with heart and keep the games close. I will be happy with that.

On the SNY post game show Bobby Ojeda went off on R.A. Dickey. It wasn’t about Dickey’s pitching. It was about an interview in game one today on FOX. I missed most of that game but Ojeda said he was upset because Dickey was already talking about what he is planning on doing in January. Really R.A.? Is that true? I would be more worried about what I am doing on my next pitching outing. I still like you RA. I am not going to get down on you because I didn’t hear what you said first hand. But it is bad if any Mets players are thinking about next winter already.

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  1. I disagree with the sentiment that Dickey did anything wrong in the mid-game interview on FOX. Firstly, he wasn’t making plans for October that might conflict with being in the playoffs (as if that’s a remote possibility). Secondly, I’m sure he did not ask to be interviewed and his January Kilimanjaro plans have been well noted in the media and even in an interview on SNY.
    There are dozens of things wrong with the Mets but R.A. Dickey and his charitable plans for well into the offseason are not among them.

  2. Like I said I have no idea what was said. All I know is Ojeda was fired up. Having said that I am an RA Dickey fan. I think he is one of the good guys out there. And more power to him doing good for charity.

  3. Bobby Ojeda loves his angry old man shtick… but he looks foolish when he bashes R.A. Dickey for answering a question about his Kilimanjaro plans.

  4. I get Ojeda’s point about discussing offseason plans, but I’m sure he was asked to do the interview, plus he was talking about his efforts to raise money to stop child trafficking in Mumbai. He wasn’t discussing his golf plans.

  5. My position is that I would be more discouraged if they were playing .500 or .550. With a team like this in a market like this, it’s easy to play good enough to fill the seats through August or early September.

    I’d prefer going the route of hitting bottom, and gettin g one or two years of #1 draft picks.

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