Booooo: Mets back in black

I’m so annoyed. This was Terry’s idea.

Update: yay, the bringer of black got tossed. Here’s a crowd shot via @mediagoon.

9 Replies to “Booooo: Mets back in black”

  1. Blah, since they are going nowhere fast anyway I’d rather watch them lose in BLUE than win and make some ridiculous superstition about wearing black (note: I would not say that if they were in a pennant race or something).

    This team is hard to watch, the least they can do is look good. And that’s one only thing they’ve done well this year (at home).

  2. Yes, they’re back. Yes, they’re back. Well, they’re back. Yes, they’re back. Well, they’re baaaaaack. Baaaaack. Back in black. Well they’re back in black!

  3. Did anyone notice that PepsiMax commercial that SNY was running throughout the game? There was a shot of Rickey Henderson wearing a Mets uniform WITHOUT the silly/pointless drop shadow and no black! Hmmm…is that a sign of things to come or something? By the way, did I mention that the hybrids SUCK?!

  4. Yeah, let’s put the stink on the blue caps & sleeves. They’re the problem. [rolls eyes]

    Mets win big, but Pagan gets hurt. Hmmmm…What was Bay wearing when he strained that oblique?

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