Mets Have Seinfeld Night

Shannon posted the pic of the giveaway black hat from the Mets and Seinfeld last night. I was shocked he even held it long enough to take said picture.

It was a theme night showing Seinfeld clips, having the guy who played the “SOUP NAZI” walking around handing out prizes, Jerry “FRANK COSTANZA” Stiller singing take me out to the ball game, and Jerry’s man crush Keith Hernandez throwing out the first pitch.

Click the pics for a larger view.

More stuff to follow. Working on some videos and other pics.

2 Replies to “Mets Have Seinfeld Night”

  1. Click on the top picture…you will see a perfect representation of the “Classic” Script vs. the “Wilpon” Script, named by UniWatch.

    Just curious, anyone think the Wilpon Script looks better?

  2. Click on the bottom picture…I am not a fan of the cap logo on the mound. Seems like they put an extra layer of lighter dirt on to make it.

    If I’m an opposing pitcher, I would say, I’m not pitching with this on the mound and rub it out.

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