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I was kind of shocked yesterday when hanging out on Twitter. Folks were really venomous against R.A.

I’m not talking about “Dickey needs better command” or “he hasn’t won since Opening Day” but rather the kind of thing that used to be saved for Oliver Perez.

R.A. Dickey?

Dudes, he was and is a mid-30’s knuckleballer. He didn’t make the 2010 Mets out of spring training. He went 11-9. He was playing with house money.

He seems likable, everyone seemed to like him all winter. You enjoyed him getting Donuts with Burkhardt, and you enjoyed the story about him naming his bats.

Now he’s Public Enemy #1 because reality may have set in, that you don’t begin your quest for the Hall of Fame after 30?

Can’t we ever enjoy a player or our franchise? You guys are going to tear this guy down now? Count me out.

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