The tweeters turn on R.A. Dickey

I was kind of shocked yesterday when hanging out on Twitter. Folks were really venomous against R.A.

I’m not talking about “Dickey needs better command” or “he hasn’t won since Opening Day” but rather the kind of thing that used to be saved for Oliver Perez.

R.A. Dickey?

Dudes, he was and is a mid-30’s knuckleballer. He didn’t make the 2010 Mets out of spring training. He went 11-9. He was playing with house money.

He seems likable, everyone seemed to like him all winter. You enjoyed him getting Donuts with Burkhardt, and you enjoyed the story about him naming his bats.

Now he’s Public Enemy #1 because reality may have set in, that you don’t begin your quest for the Hall of Fame after 30?

Can’t we ever enjoy a player or our franchise? You guys are going to tear this guy down now? Count me out.

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7 Replies to “The tweeters turn on R.A. Dickey”

  1. I didn’t see buckets of venom until later, in blog comments. I tend to unfollow the more vicious folk on Twitter very quickly.

    I hope that R.A. Dickey can turn things around, and I appreciated his willingness to go back out and eat up some innings yesterday to avoid shredding the bullpen. I don’t see any reason to turn him into Public Enemy No. 1 – save that for the Wilpons if they let their finances get so bad that they can’t afford to keep anybody next season.

  2. When you have ZERO pitching as we do, we need everyone we have! Leave the guy alone.

    This team sucks as a whole!

  3. That’s a shame. I wonder what these same people had to say about Reyes when he shoved his head firmly up his rectum and got picked off and ran into a “WTF?” out in the same game last week.

    Dickey’s not loafing to first like Heilman and he’s not refusing assignment like Perez. He’s not having random mental lapses and he’s not mailing it in. Those are the things you for which you turn on a guy, not his knuckler not dancing enough.

    Dickey’s an easy target, though. People need somewhere to point their last-place frustrations, and it’s not going to be at the Teflon Twins. Clearly, this team would be World Series bound if dead weight like Dickey would just get out of the way of the Home Grown Superstars.

    That’s probably another strike against Dickey. A couple of weeks ago, he had the nerve to suggest that a team is, in fact, no better than it actually plays. How dare he.

  4. Dickey may be having a bad year, but he’s still my current favorite Met. He may not be great, but he has heart and character. Right now, I’ll take that and root for that.

    1. exactly Eric! Nobody ever said he was Cy Young. I’d rather root for someone with his talent than say a Gooden who wasted it. That Gooden didn’t get to 200 wins never mind 300…

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