Gooden was in the projects during the 1986 Mets parade

Dwight Gooden was amazingly honest on the radio this morning…will post more when I can..but he was open about his drug use and said he would buy cocaine in “the projects” and that during the 1986 Tickertape parade he was in projects somewhere on Long Island on a cocaine run.

He also said Kevin Mitchell was not a supplier to the 1986 Mets, and that Doc & Darryl only did (the implication was cocaine) together once.

Dwight also thinks he’d be a great pitching coach.

He felt “guilt toward the Mets fans” for missing the parade.

A wacky story that Lenny Dysktra tried to break Doc out of Celebrity Rehab…supposedly Lenny thought Gooden was being held (by a tv show) against his will.  (Am I going to have to watch crappy reality TV?)

More to come….I hope Doc writes the book he hinted at.

UPDATE: Here’s the audio.

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2 Replies to “Gooden was in the projects during the 1986 Mets parade”

  1. It’s funny how they traded Mitchell, because he was supposedly “the bad influence”, yet the guy never missed a day of baseball due to drugs like the other two. In fact he went on to win an MVP and have a much more productive career than Straw.

  2. why is he bringing up the past drug usage thing? it’s old news. that’s why im glad i was a grown man instead of a teen age mets fan in 1986.
    yes dwight i know about why you were in the projects instead of at the parade.,showing up before a game loaded and was scratched from the line up and all of the “dwight hooked on drug stories when he was on the mets”
    i met him in the mets club house at candle stick park in his rookie year.
    He looked high…..on life and being a 19 year old base ball rookie in the majors’s.

    at first glance,i thought he and strawberry were club house kids. they looked so fresh,young and happy.
    that’s the dwight i want to remember. if re-telling the same drug usage stories makes him a better person or gets him a t.v. deal orbook contract, iguess every person has to do what they gotta do.

    if i were to see him in person today,i would say it’s about you the person now,not the past….and tell him i sat behind home plate at candle stick park,front row and never once saw the ball leave his hand every time he threw it!!

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