I’m told the Delta Club at Citi Field is sick

Sick being slang for wicked cool which is slang for really good.

Between life/work/travel/Subway Series/Einhorn I have been sitting on a bunch of posts that kept getting bumped.  I thought the holiday weekend would be a good time to catch up.  Good for you, you get new content.  Good for me, I can chill a bit.  I’m actually writing this from “Better Than David Wright’s Deck” Deck on Friday.  Hey how about that game last night…that was really something the way the guy did that thing.

Here’s one from like a month ago.  Brian, the newbie over at MetsBlog emailed me about the Delta Club and he said it would be cool for me to post.

Grabbed Delta Club seats for Friday night.  The fiancee needed a night away from studying for law school finals and I jumped at the chance to get out of the house on a nice night.  $144 face value seats for $90 a pop about 3 hours before game time off Stubhub.  The Delta 360 Club…is sick.
The food is hot, the bathrooms CLEAN (with TVs with the SNY broadcast on), the service is uber friendly.  Huge lay out.  Food court with pizzas, burgers, dogs, chopped salad, GARLIC fries.  A separate stand with sweets (cookies, ice cream).  Prices pretty much the same as outside.  Really nice area to sit inside and eat if you like.  In-seat service is fantastic.  They’ll get you the specialty stand stuff (Taqueria, Shake Shack, Blue Smoke).
I was waiting on a cheese burger to be made fresh and Lauren had an order of fries that we were munching on while we waited.  An attendant came over, asked us what we were waiting for, offered to get us a new order of fries (Him: “Are you sure?  I want to make sure they’re hot enough when you get your food.”).  Like….seriously it was other worldly.  Obviously not in the budget for everyone or for every game, but damn.  I was really, really impressed.

Back in 2009 Tom sent over this photo gallery from the Delta Club

Jokes and generic content aside, the MP is not on autopilot this weekend.  I’m around and will be posting as things happen.  See you for the in-game tweets..follow @metspolice and say hi.

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  1. I got to see a couple of games from the Delta Club seats in 2009. The “club” seemed like an upscale sports bar – nice, but not quite what I had in mind for my baseball game experience.

    The seats were great & I appreciated the waiter service, though. Shake Shack without missing innings to get it – yum!

    1. never enjoyed the seats, but cheap Caesar’s club seats that included them on stub hub. so i checked out the indoor club. Which was mostlyl nice but not what i’mlooking for in a stadium, though they had a better beer selection. not beyond me to head in, get a beer, and head out. also, the coffee stand is open, supposedly, through the end of the game for coffee to go for the ride home.

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