Jeter might hit his 3000th hit at Citi Field. So what?

Yankees fans have been asking me how I feel about the idea of Jeter potentially hitting his 3000th hit at Citi Field.

I don’t care.

I usually avoid the Subway Series games because fans in the stands (on both sides) act like knuckleheads. This year I might go because my kid wants to.

If Jeter gets his 3000th hit I will politely applaud a career milestone. It doesn’t hurt me any more than if he got his 2998th hit in Queens or even when he won the 2000 World series at Shea. It’s baseball, you have to play someone and those guys are trying to win too.

Sorry Yankees fans, you can’t “little brother” me on this one. I will be glad to jack my selling price on Stubhub though.

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  1. I agree with you on this one. The significance is much greater if you’re a Yankee fan. If I’m at the game, I’d respectfully applaud, and then move my interest to the next batter.

  2. There would be some cosmic poetry going on if Jeter got his 3,000th hit at Shea. It would mean the greatest players on each NY team over the last 40 or so years (during my life time in other words) had achieved their milestone moments at the other team’s ballpark. Seaver at Yankee Stadium (ignoring the uniform he was wearing at the time) and now Jeter at Shea.

    1. Jeter’s far from the greatest player on that team over the last 40 years. Although I suppose A-Rod does still have a chance to hit 764ish at Citi, though I don’t know if he gets that far.

      I’ll boo the 3000th hit like I’d boo the other 2999. Also, he likely wont’ be off the DL, no matter what pharmacuticals he resorts to, and even if he comes off right on time no guarentee a soft-hitting singles hitter that thrives on infield hits will be able to get those hits coming off the DL with a calf injury and a top flight defense up the middle.

      I don’t want him to get his 3000th because i don’t want him to get a hit, period, against the Mets. I want his stupid subway series numbers to drop. I want his average to drop. I don’t want Gary and Keith talking about 3000 and him because I don’t care about that moment and don’t want to hear about it from them in some sort of reverence.

      1. I meant not necessarily the best player as far as numbers go, but the greatest in terms of what they meant to their respective teams. There has been nobody since Mantle that has encompassed what it means to be a Yankee like Jeter has.

        Personally I don’t care one way or the other where he gets number 3,000. Wherever it happens, in baseball terms it is an amazing milestone and one that regardless of who he plays for I would applaud.

        1. It also speaks to longevity. And even though it won’t happen, there is a lot of talk about the Mets ‘equivalent’ of Jeter in terms of meaning to the team historical being traded or not resigned, before he can even pass the franchise mark. So to watch the enemies’ franchise player tabulate that milestone in our park would be galling. Of course the next two weeks of discussion on this will probably be worse than the offchance he comes back and hits it at Citi.

          But history is what you make of it,as we’ve discussed here before. I hope the Mets market and talk about Reyes passing Kranepool next year the same way the Yankees did Jeter passing Gehrig (even though they ignored Jeter passing Ruth for both NYY hits and career hits)

  3. The Yankees are pretty “Marketing Savvy” Jeters 3000 hit will happen in Yankee Stadium!

    They might say all the right stuff, but it will be planned happen there! They have alot of those high priced seats they can fill

    The Yankess will never miis this major marketing opportunity!

    They have to pay for the New Pitching staff that they will aquire at the trade deadline!

  4. I truly would not be surprised if Jeter hit his 3k hit at Citi…that’s just how it would turn out for a “snakebitten” team like our Metropolitans. For me, there’s only one way to get all of this out of the way, and get our curse lifted – GET WILPON OUTTA HERE! OUTTA HERE!

  5. Jeter is a great player and a future Hall of Famer so him doing it in NY would be nice. Asa Met fan I cannot complain as I and many more Met fans took over Yankee Stadium in August 1985 to watch Tom Seaver win his 300th against the Yankees. That was also Phil Rizzuto Day which Seaver’s presence totally overshadowed. So it’s a bit of a payback if Jeter gets his milestone in Queens.

  6. A friend of mine put it best:

    “Mets will probably raise a banner to commemorate it. “Surrendered Jeter’s 3000th Hit” right next to “Wild Card Champs”.

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