41 in 83: 55 minute video of the 1983 Mets

Got some Dave Kingman in there for my buddy David Einhorn too.  Enjoy!

ABC's with New York Mets pitcher Dillon Gee
Countdown to DM3C: Dan Murphy hits number 293

3 Replies to “41 in 83: 55 minute video of the 1983 Mets”

  1. McCarver was good, but Kimer always struck me as flat. weird to see Maz as a Pirate, Chamblis as a Brave, and Seaver on a second tour of duty. I agree w Kiner about one thing tho, Shea was a cavernous non-baseball stadium. Citi is a huge step up, even if it is overly imitative of other modern parks.

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