Ralph Kiner and Jamie Lee Curtis

Ralph Kiner told the story of when he met former girlfriend Janet Leigh’s daughter at a game down in Philly. For you youngsters out there, Janet Leigh’s daughter is Jamie Lee Curtis. You know the Activia spokesperson.

Funny story.

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3 Replies to “Ralph Kiner and Jamie Lee Curtis”

  1. My other Ralph story…he still owes me a can of Foamy from the contest I won on Kiner’s Korner.

  2. After the Mets won the series in 69 besides the City Hall celebration, they also had a ceremony in downtown Brooklyn. Since I was going to college in the area, I went. Ralph was on the side of the stage and I went up to him and said “Hi Mr. Kiner”. He looked at me and answered “Howya doin kid”.

    Never forgot that.

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