Possible Mets schedule changes this weekend because of Hurricane Irene

Via mlb.com

Commissioner Bud Selig said he has discussed contingency plans for East Coast games that could be affected by the storm this weekend.
The Phillies, Orioles, Red Sox and Mets are all scheduled to play home games this weekend.

While there is a chance Sunday’s game could be rescheduled as part of a doubleheader Friday or possibly Saturday, the Braves had not been contacted by the Mets or Major League Baseball as of Wednesday afternoon.
The Braves and Mets share just one common off-day, Sept. 8, next month.

Personally and selfishly I’d love to see the Mets make a very early “don’t worry about coming” / raincheck offer early so that folks don’t even have to worry about wasting tickets.

I don’t know the ins and outs of how ticket revenue is shared but in a world where all options are available I’d like to see an announcement where tickets for Saturday and Sunday can both be used and also you’ll be given credit for a game in 2011 or a choice from select dates in 2012.

I’m personally worried about traveling to Queens for a Saturday 4pm game…not out of safety..but my time is valuable.

Mets neon sign
At least the ball has the NY

3 Replies to “Possible Mets schedule changes this weekend because of Hurricane Irene”

  1. C’mon!…Your not going to let a hurricane scare you off!…

    First of all if your still going to any of these games your nuts already, so a little 100 mile an hour storm shouldn’t bother you!

    Feel sorry for Met season ticket holders who bought plans, when the MEts are dumping free tix like crazy. 5.00 tix, kids free, groupon, etc.

    Hopefully the wind is coming from behind home plate and we can launch 100 homers!

    Who needs to move the fences in!


  2. If canceling Sunday’s game outright isn’t an option, a pre-emptive doubleheader Friday makes more sense than taking away an off-day in September or making the Mets the home team for a game in Atlanta.

  3. They should cancel the games Saturday and Sunday. They have revoked all permits for street fairs, block parties, fairs etc. because they want the roads clear for possible evacuation. Money and sports should take a backseat for the safety of all the players, fans and ciitzens of NY. The meterologist are saying this could be a 100 year event. Even if they are wrong, what’s two games when safety of so many are on the line? That’s my opinion anyway.

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