David Wright ponders his future – NorthJersey.com

Good stuff here (and blue cap tip to Mets Blog for pointing it out)

While the last front-office regime and the current one insist they never label a player untouchable, Wright was pretty close in New York – the answer to Derek Jeter across town. But the Mets have endured three straight losing seasons, and Wright knows that losing means change. Talk surfaced of switching him from third base to left field – although the move, considered to help find a spot for Daniel Murphy’s bat, was squashed almost as soon as it arose.

via David Wright ponders his future – NorthJersey.com.

So a few things.

There’s a slightly better chance of me being in LF than Wright.

David Wright is going to be a Mets player for a long long time. Something really remarkable would have to happen to have the Mets give up on all the behind the scenes stuff that Wright does.  Even if he’s not an MVP it’s not like he sucks.  RA Dickey can only sign so many pre-game autographs or visit so many hospitals or smile for the right high rollers.  Take DW out of the mix and you lose some of the sizzle of the business end of things.

As for Murphy, I do see him opening the season at third base…just not for the Mets.  But what do I know.

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